From the rz or from the cloud competition: migrate all data into the box cloud

From the RZ or from the cloud competition: Migrate all data into the box cloud

A fundamental update of his migration service called Shuttle has introduced the Cloud Provider Box as part of its Content Cloud. Shuttle is aimed at companies that want to transfer coarse data volumes from their own data center or from other cloud providers to the Box Cloud.

Data from 15 sources

Compounds to 15 source systems are available for this purpose, including Microsoft SharePoint and Onedrive, Google Workspace, Egnyte, Documentum, OpenText, and FileNet, but also for Simple network shares. Shuttle ames the metadata and the version profile of files; Rights and shares are awarded during migration or other, without interrupting the latter.

In addition, shuttle includes a monitoring environment for the administrator, which should visualize the process in real time. In its envision, BOX is also providing its proprietary algorithms that have been optimizing the transfer of hundreds of terabytes a day. Furthermore, the Cloud Provider provides its own experts who plan and implement the migration for companies.

Content and processes in the same cloud

In the Content Cloud, BOX summarize all contents of a company – documents, deliveries, product specifications, marketing and videos -. In it, all users should work together on these contents, independently of the location or client software. The central component should also be functions for electronic signatures that the provider wants to integrate with the Young Confirmed Turprise of SignRequest. Responsible for the Content Cloud plan to plan the workflows of the company to map business processes without programming skills.

Box had started Shuttle originally in 2016, the new service should be available from the end of February. For the price, the provider does not provide any information, but it emphasizes that it was the most favorable migration service on the market.

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