From friend gets enemy again

Long cheered neonazis islamist anti-Semitism, but because terror threatens Germany, foreigners should go out again

Not too long ago the NPD cheered, the world was a guest of friends, and a friend is there also the Iranian head of state Mahmud Ahmadinejad. The service center Neonazi Party of Germany in Germany wanted to receive Ahmadinedschad even originally received with a buried Deman on the edge of the Fubball World Cup – even though no one would hardly want to bury him in Germany. The NPD and many neo-Nazis found AhmadineSchad’s anti-Semitic, anti-Israelic Hatter’s speeches very successful. A rough speaker needs the world history. Since the Fubvolk religious zealer also wanted to bomb in Germany, the NPD rudds back.

On Tuesday NPD boss Udo Voigt took on the unaffected bombing on two regional events "position". By press release Fand Voigt:

Once again, it has been shown that the Asylum Milieu has a dangerous nut bottom for Islamist terrorism (…) forms.

The NPD boss thus played on media reports, including in the image newspaper, according to which the wasted inspirable bombing Youssef Mohamad E.H. When asylum seekers came to Germany, lived of social assistance and a non-existence. Voigt therefore demanded "the security authorities on, from the threatening events of the last few days finally to draw consequences and shut-off illemsy instantly".

Of course, the scholar NPD-Fuhrer knew that, as early as other arguments, as islamist terrorism, and its open anti-Semitism in the Brown scene,. "Vernewagen against Israeli state terrorism "(NPD-Bochum) and solidarity demonstrations for Palastina and Lebanon had organized neonazis – probably more to criticize Israel Alias’s Jews. And so did not want to do so completely against all migrants, but:

For all the meaning for the difficult political situation in Lebanon and Palastina, potential terrorists have to be made clear that we will not tolerate the continuation of foreign conflicts in our country.

A few days before, the NPD Bochum had one of her "Mahnewachen "by press release Suffisant recorded that" FRD-Gaste Arab origin (…) in speech with the national activists had awarded to their understanding grudge against Israel unambiguously expression ". And now parts of those bundry partners should be deported immediately?

At the end of July, the NPD had a press release, which was available on many homepages of the federal party, the state association and local groups, under the title "against the seasurial censorship" for a "objective reporting" to the Middle East War. "For the gluck, you can see the pictures of Israeli war crimes in the world network and make an objective picture," Made Party Press Officer Klaus be informed. Reference was made to the German-speaking homepage of a Hezbollah-friendly, Iranian radio program and the English-speaking Internet Presentation of Al Jasira. Well, therefore, exactly that media food, which also consumed the mutual bomb buttons and their suspected behind man.

In neonazi forums, portals and the media of the right-wing extremists, the anti-Semitic and the Holocaust-denial statements of the Iranian prasident has been controversially discussed and mostly cheered frenetically. One may ame that AhmadineSchad’s enmity to "Grob Satan" USA the neo-Nazis liked as well as its anti-Semitism. In his opinion, supervised "welcome, Mr Prasident!"If the NPD party chairman Voigt wrote in mid-June:" The USA has already lied to the world before the surgery on Iraq and will do this again in the case of Iran. The ‘liberation’ from Germany (from the Hitler dictatorship; MIK) by the US and its Allies cost millions of Germans, "Voigt also said and seemed to have forgotten in the zeal that Nazi Germany had begun World War II. Voigt dear the US threw numerous human rights violations and wars and closed:

We solidarize us with all not yet, freed ‘and thus really sovereign folks in the world and ask them to resist the US imperialism.

Thus reminded of how Horst Mahler, the former NPD lawyer and notorious anti-Semit, once the terrorist attack of the 11. September 2001 had caught (right footboard fully occupied). Mahler was looking forward to the "attacks on the symbols of Mammonistic world domination" in the heart of the "main enemy" USA. But now after bombs appeared in Germany and, according to investigators, daze to Islamist terrorists, have such statements and solidarity exploitation to those compound a tie. Just imagine, the bomb buttons had been skilful, had set their suitcases to a train in which neo-Nazis was just staring into an anti-Israeli demo – and the bomb’s goods exploded.

Striking the whole discussion is the back and forth the NPD. But it is also striking that an important neo-Nazi portal such as the Stortebeker network regularly posted texts of the Israel-enemy, partly anti-Semitic Internet portal "Muslim market" from Delmenhorst’s benevolent. The NPD central organ "German voice" (DS) interviewed in May 2006 Yavuz Ozoguz, one of the publishers of the "Muslim Market". In the introduction, the DS determined:

Various opinions but do not interfere with the mutual respect. Although this seems out of fashion in the Germany’s denunciation and truly, it is therefore still available.

But all this has now beauty error. Although the neo-Nazi Fubvolk ahmadinejad had praised into scene forums and numerous discussions for whose plaintext against Israel and the Jews. More controversial, in recent months, discussions were about whether the Islam of Germany "conquer" wool, the Islamic "fuhrer" tried the "whole world in the sense of the Koran" or to import Islamic religious lessons in Germany imports. Solidaritat with the Muslims living here – parts of it from Palastina and Lebanon, ie "victims" of "Israeli Aggression" – hardly existed in such discussions. But clear text, for example:

You should better throw the pack from our country, then we did not need to discuss it.

Also the Sachsian NPD Member of Parliament and the leaders of the NPD ideologies "Dresden School", Jurgen Gansel, exults on Tuesday. First, he showed a bit of heart for the bombing, who was "one of these integration-unobswoven, angry Jungmanner", the "multiculturalists" in the Federal Government now massively caused problems. But then Gansel waved and made it clear why Youssef Mohamad E.H. and other "jihadists" in Germany from the NPD could not expect solidarity. The tatter was namely

One who was not about the Israel Vasallen in the Federal Government and Bundestag, but the innocent German for the Israeli aggression war (…) Summake, though the Ubergrobe majority of Germans reject both the Judian War Driver I and the posting of German soldiers into the crisis region.

Gansel’s text is sometimes partially as if the dead of’s actual guilt had not been his project, but the fact that he wanted to take "the Germans in bloody liability for an Israel-horny sub-policy" of the Federal Government. Do not think what Gasel had fabulated when Youssef Mohamad E.H. had left his suitcase in the Bundestag…

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