Fraud warning in the apple browser: google should receive less insight

Fraud warning in the Apple Browser: Google should receive less insight

The fraud warning integrated in Safari should not provide data on Google in the future. The query of Google’s Safe Browsing Interface (Safe Browsing API) is made by the Apple Browser Kunftig on one of Apple’s upstream proxy on its own servers. The browser then contacts proxy.safebrowsing.Apple instead of as before directly, like betaester of iOS 14.5 noticed.

Safari fraud warning standard active

The developers responsible for Apple for the Browser Engine WebKit has now confirmed the change: Safari then turn off a proxy on Apple’s servers to "to limit the risk of information leaks".

The fraud warning is activated in Safari standard mab, users can manually switch off into the browser settings. In order to display a warning message when calling for fraudulent websites, sometimes "Information based on the address of the website" as well as if the IP address of the user can also be sent to Google, as Apple sudden to his Safari Privacy Policy. With the prevalent proxy, Google should only see a query time, but no IP addresses of users more.

Apple apparently sets the UPDATE API from Google’s Safe Browsing Service, downloading a database with URLs classified as a fraudulent URLs by Google’s servers and the URLs generated by the user then calculated locally. The Google interface must only be contacted and gets rarely, if only has to be kebed URLs, so that no insight into the actually called URL is possible, emphasizes Google. Individual privacy privacy has long been that a gross provider such as Google, who collects inconsistent hashes over time, and at the same time logs IP addresses, theoretically also had to be able to de-anonymize individual users.

Billionsy search partnership

With regard to Safari, there is a narrow partnership between Apple and Google: Google is the standard search engine on Apple advised and guesses treasures, according to Ratus, a large amount of billions of Apple from Apple. For inquiries, as the deal with Apple’s drums contracted for more data protection, the iPhone group has always kept it, Google is the best search engine – and users can also change.

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