For the ten-year-old world premiere of the electro-smart

For the ten-year-old world premiere of the electro-smart

Hambach (France), 5. September 2008 – The mood is much more relaxed than in the first years of the city floh. At that time, Daimler had to repurchase an economic pothole with the smart and found only slowly to the success he has today and in Ubersee. Now Daimler announces the smart as what acts in retrospect as its natural determination – as a smart Electric Drive with lithium-ion battery. Already at the end of 2009 he should be on our straw.

From the Flower Power Time

1997: In the French Kaff Hambach Open France’s President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Helmut Kohl A work for an unusual little car: the smart fortwo. The two sign with black edding on a sewing smart model, which still exists a bit away today. But everything was a lot more likely. Already in the 1970s, Mercedes worked with the traffic of the year 2000. The designer Johann Tomforke presents a radical design for a 2.5-meter city car of the year 2000.

New momentum after Olcress

The Olcress meets especially the automotive companies and so Mercedes returns the small car concept from the drawer. The local transport vehicle, short Nafa, becomes a mobile study. The car is 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters high – and is erupted in 1988 with an electric motor. But neither the car the Mercedesinternal security standards, nor is the clientele of the brand ready for such a tiny car. In addition, the Elektro-Nafa has the same problem as today’s electricity vehicles: its range is inadequate, for which he falls on through long loading times.

American design ideas

The city concept let Mercedes no peace. Chef Designer Bruno Sacco asks a team of students of the Art Center College of Design in California Pasadena, completely new, ultra-compact vehicles to design. The resulting drafts are already very strong to the later smart models. In parallel, the Swiss Swatch watch inventor Nicolas Haeyk develops its own projects for a new form of automobile. At his ideas, VW is interested, but Hayek is coming up quickly with VW Boss Ferdinand Piech. Since it suits the own considerations, Mercedes takes on Swiss dewfe. Hayek also favors an electric drive, but the problems range and charging time are still unused.

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