For the legalization of marihuana

In Mexico, one hopes that at least California exceeds the war against the drugs and legalized the trade with marijuana as a first step

The California burger will be on the 2. November make an important decision that could have expected a large impact far beyond the federal state. Should the Proposition 19 be adopted, then consumption, cultivation and mits of marijuana with restrictions on persons over 21 years were legal. Marijuana was allowed to consumes in non-public places or in licensed spaces, up to an ounce (28.3 g) were allowed to engaged and plants are grown on a flat of 2.3 square meters on private property.

Previously, as in other US states, the medical application of cannabis had been legalized. Expected by the legalization of Marihuana that the crime decreases, costs in the high of many millions for the pursuit and punishment of cannabis consumers are eliminated and achieved by the approved trade of higher tax assets.

Not only in the USA there are committees for a legalization, even in Mexico one hopes. The country is in danger of becoming a Failed State. The organized crincentat controls parts of the country and is also anchored in the state structures. The war started by Prasident Felipe Calderon against the drugs, which in the last four years more than 28.000 people who cost life, seems to be militarically not to win, but has the bands and their brutalatite only strengthened.

In its war, the US over the drugs of rough prere on the Latin American countries to get the cultivation and trade with all agents, but at the same time, main assistance and demand by the Lax’s weapons laws the arms smuggling. The intention of the border to Mexico also demanded the business with the human smuggle, which is often indiscriminately deportation of small-criminal young Latinos in the Central American Lander has stanned the gangs and their power (war in the city, "Pockets of Darkness") And helped that they have spread in the US again. Since 2005, according to the National Gang Intelligence Center of the US Department of Justice, the number of gear members is around 200.000 risen to a million (Mexico: "Narcos" On expansion course).

For some time, therefore, the voices in Mexico and in the adjacent countries demanding a legalization of drugs and a compensation of the weapons laws in the US. In the summer of the last year, the former prasident Cesar Gaviria (Colombia), Ernesto Zedillo (Mexico) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil) for the legalization of lighter drugs such as Marihuana had pronounced to unload the bande and stop the violence (Heavy way out of lucrative drug wars). Actually, it had to be known in the United States that the alcohibibes introduced in 1927 had strongly strengthened the organized criminal entity, violence and corruption, which is why they have finally been able to repeal the alcohol ban in 1933.

An end of the drug ban now called Hector Aguilar Camin, the publisher of the Mexican magazine Nexos, and the former Mexican Aufemister Jorge G. Castaneda in Washington Post. They refer to the many dead of the "War against terror" in Mexico and the high costs, which arise the state, but also on the fear of people. Almost 60 percent of Mexicans fear that this "war" already lost. It also makes no sense if, for example, Marihuana and other light drugs were allalized in Mexico, because the Mexican and US drug labels were too close together: "What our country produces is consumed in the USA."

Camin and Castaneda were already seen in California Legalization of Marihuana a tremendous improvement for Mexico, as California for Mexico is a huge market. In addition, Mexico also has to legalize the light drugs. A growing number of Mexicans has already been pronounced to stop violence and crimetat. 60 percent of the profits of the drug cartels, so the two authors, were come from trade with Marihuana, says himself the Office of National Drug Control Policy of the woman’s house. In Mexico itself, the drug consumption is too low. Only 6 percent of Mexicans had ever took a drug in the USA 47 percent. Before the war against the drugs, the criminal titat was relatively low in Mexico and fallen.

In any case, the legalization of Marihuana Konne will be a beginning to mess up the organized crimetate. But you also think of thinking about legalizing cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs. Also the Republican Gary E. Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, sees the only possibility in the legalization of Marihuana, the power of drug cartels to weak.

The American politics for almost 70 years was, Marihuana, which is by no means a more harmful to keep consumed monthly as alcohol and 15 million Americans per month, in the black market. This means that we have aware of criminals a practical monopoly on something the US researcher Jon Gettman tall to a 36 billion dollar industry, more than corn and wheat together.

Gary E. Johnson

The problem is natural not only the US and Latin America. Also in Afghanistan, a legalization of the poppy seed cultivation for medical purposes has been able to narrow some warlords and terrorists and reduce the fracture corruption. And even at the United Nations level, the ideology of the war against the drugs is still followed and has a reform (an ideology in the end: the global drug prohibition). Scientists have pointed out that the war against drug violence and human rights violations.

Only in July was on the XVIII. International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) The Viennese explanation decided to "for the inclusion of scientific findings in the evidence of illegal drugs calls". One became too high for law enforcement worldwide, but that does not cause anything and the harmful consequences of drug use, for example the spread of AIDS, has only flooded. Be required "The decriminalization of drug consumers and the implementation of evidence-based approaches of drug control". The explanation can be signed.

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