For 30-year-old comes the vw caddy with 170 hp

For 30-year-old comes the vw caddy with 170 hp

Hannover, 9. May 2012 – The VW Caddy series has become 30 years old, Volkswagen commercial vehicles brings a special model to this assortment, with 170 hp "the strongest caddy ever" is. The first edition of the CADDY started in 1982 based on the Golf I. According to Volkswagen, 1.6-million vehicles CADDYS have been sold since then. The usable vehicle has a colorful purchasing company, families are as well as craftsmen or delivery services.


AUBen raises the Caddy Edition 30, based on the trendline equipment line, through the high glossy, black-lacquered roof, which also in high-glossy black lacquered roof rail and gloss-turned 17-inch alloy wheels from the other equipment variants. Corresponding fonts point to the special model at the rear, on the sliding calves as well as on the tubing strips. Funf Augen Stand for Election: Candy White, Reflex Silver, Salsa Red, Primaveragun and Sunny Yellow.

The Caddy Edition 30 is available as FunF and Seven Seasons. An interior with Alcantara butterfly in color "Classic Gray", A multifunction steering wheel and a shift pulp and a handbrake lever, each dressed in leather, provide slightly lifted but still factual ambience. The equipment offers a semi-automatic air conditioning, a toning of the rear side windows and the rear window and a CD radio.

Strong diesel

VW offers the Caddy Editon 30 with a short wheelbase as both a car version and as a box carriage. Funf different motors are available to choose. As a gasoline engineer only the 1.2 TSI with 105 hp. At the self-lives the selection is larger. The basis serves the 1.6 TDI with 102 hp. Daruber ranked at the Caddy as so far the 2.0 TDI. But there is no longer in two, but in three power levels. Auber the 110 and 140 hp versions is now also the variant with 170 hp and the six-speed double-clutch transmission DSG available. The highest speed amounts to 196 km / h, 350 Newton meter torque ensure sovereign lifting. The course can also be changed by hand over switch paddles on the steering wheel.

Start from 20.099 euros

The prices in Germany start at 20.099 Euro for the Caddy Edition 30 as a box car, the car version of the Caddy Edition 30 starts at 23.616 euros. The top model with 170-hp motorization costs as a box carriage at least 28.263 euros, as a car start the prices at 31.327 euros.

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