Fear court: gigaliner tests remain allowed

The controversial giant trucks can continue in a field trial by Germany. The Federal Scarf Court had in a decision announced on Wednesday complains of the Lander Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Wurttemberg as well as the parliamentary groups of SPD and Grunen (AZ.: 2 BVF 1/12 and 2 BVF 3/12). Both countries had wanted to prevent the so-called Gigaliner without the consent of the affected federal standards traversed.

The then black-yellow federal government had allowed this at the end of 2011 by exemption – without inclusion of Bundestag and Bundesrat. In it, the plaintiff saw a bouncing break – the Karlsruhe Richter but not. The regulation to the debate is "covered by the establishment of the dusting law", "the government has been adopted without the consent of the Federal Council.

Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) wired the decision. With the ongoing field trial, the benefits of long-trucks for the logistics location Germany were examined, said DOBRINDT.

Schleswig-Holstein’s Transport Minister Reinhard Meyer (SPD) said, "This judgment is primarily a confirmation of the field trial, but does not say anything about the general suitability of Lang trucks for the German strip network". Due to the decision, the state government and the three Schleswig-Holstein freight forwarders, which participate in the field trial, had legal clarity and a rough stucco planning security.

On the other hand, the opposition spoke of a defeat of the Kiel Provincial Government. The grunes now had to "finally post up against the operation of these environmentally friendly vehicles panic," said the CDU transport politician Hans-Jorn Arp. In view of the permanent construction site on the highway 7 Gigaliner could even make a relief. The FDP transport expert Christopher Vogt demanded that after the Karlsruhe decision of the "ideologically supplied resistance" of the coalition ends.

The vehicles up to 25.25 meters long drive since the 1. January 2012 on certain routes in Germany – currently these include around 9300 kilometers. At the experiment on five years, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Thuringen and Schleswig-Holstein, who had just complained after choosing his new state government. But also federal standards, the Baden-Wurttemberg governed like the Grun-red did not meet the attempt from the beginning, tolerate the passage on transit routes.

The committees see advantages due to less fuel and CO2 outstob: two long trucks can transport the freight of three common trucks, the spriter savings should be up to 20 percent. The critics, however, hold straws, bridges and parking is not suitable for the coarse staster. The giant vehicles are also a danger in the strain traffic – approximately when picked up. So far, trucks in Germany were allowed to be a maximum of 18.75 meters long.

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, 38 companies with 72 trucks were registered until April of this year for the attempt. First results of the field tests should be presented in an interim report in summer.

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