Fbi and home protection ministry give instructions for the reporting of evident

The Bose can lurk everywhere: the prevention of terrorism can turn into panicmache, so converge with the goal of terrorists

Again and again, internal messages of the FBI were known to the security forces in which it was communicated to what they should pay attention to the fight against terrorism to recognize suspicious persons or activities (caution from persons with coarse, heavy jackets on warm days). People was also suggested as they are to prepare for terrorist attacks and their consequences (Are You Ready?. In addition, the Ministry of Justice initiated some groups, which should consider every suspicion in their work or living area ("Eyes and ears of America’s Trucker Army"), even if the planned and roughly applied TIPS program was rejected by the Congress. Now the responsible persons of important institutions and any US burger were given to which suspicious behaviors or situations they observe and report to the safety: a nation in panic?

• Report Attempts to Test Or Conduct Reconnaissance of Security Operations at Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities, High Profile Venues or Sector Specific Events.

• Report Any Person’s Showing Uncommon Interest in Security Measures or Personnel, Entry Points Or Access Controls, OR Perimeter Barriers Such As Fences Or Walls.

• Report Any Persons Showing Uncommon Interest in Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities, Networks, OR Systems (E.G. Photographing OR VideoTaping Assets).

• Report Any Theft of Or Missing Official Company Identification Documents, Uniforms, Credentials, Or Vehicles NECESSARY FOR ACCESSING CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE / KEY RESOURCE FACILITIES OR SECTOR-SPECIFIC EVENTS.

• Report All Suspicious Attempts to Recruit Employees Or Person’s Knowledgeable About Key Personnel Or Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities, Networks, OR Systems.


• Report Any Discovery of Documents (ParticularLy Foreign Language Products) Containing Pictures or Drawings of Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities or Systems.

• Report Any Person’s Near Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities Who Do Not Fit The Surrounding Environment, Search as Individual Wearing Improper Attire for Conditions Or Not Normally Present in The Area (Search as, Homeless Person, Street Vendors, Demonstrators, Or Street Sweepers).

• Report Pedestrian Surveillance Near Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Facilities Involving Any Surveillance Activity of Sensitive Operations, Including Photography, VideoTaping, or Extensive Note Taking / Use of Audio Recorder (Regardless of the Number of Individual Involved), OR Mobile Surveillance by Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats or Small Aircraft.

Thus, the list of FBI and home protection ministry is for everyday attention on everything unfamiliar, the terrorium consensus excluded and obviously should be reported immediately. If one turns this attention or monitoring list, people in the US have now had to avoid the goal of being suspected by not having no "unusual" Behavior or interest in something show.

For example, those of important infrastructure facilities or important institutions such as power plants, banks, airport, railways, harbor, fast straws, telecommunications, postal buildings, chemical factories or facilities that have to do with rusting, and much more "unusual" Interest shows or there "normally" Not a removal, could be daily as a terrorist and may be treated accordingly. Persons with unusual clothes, but also homeless, strain sellers, demonstrators and strab covers, at least an unusual compilation. Also, who photographs in the nearby important facilities, is a long way around, makes recordings, makes herself spare. Nice "try" a "monitoring" should be reported.

If this required suspicion culture prevails, which can undermine minimum confidence for social coexistence in a region that is not covered by Burger War, then people had to adapt accordingly. Then go alwell around, if you pass up a police station, a bank, a mail or telephone or electricity masts? Watch your Mitburgers, whether they differ from the unobsprent behavioral standard? You rather do not demonstrate anymore and clothes in essentials? And avoid it for safety’s sake, images and drawings, whether digital or not, or other information about institutions?

For two years, people have been living in the whole United States from the coarse dates to the last one-anode under increased terror warning. The Ministry of Homemade Affairs for Dafur sets the warning level of the highest, as far as far as farth for New York, Washington and Newark had happened, but shied away from the warning level – at least regionally – to reduce. This is, of course, the fertilairness and vigilance all overcome and, especially in critics of the Bush government, led to the amption that the terrorial warnings are above all a political instrument. Finally, the Bush Government first came to the Office on the Office, only 11.9. political points.

In fact, if politically motivates or not, talk about a starrow terrorist panic, especially the impression is brought, as if terrorists were able to lame the whole country with a stop. An attack on the Borse in New York, for example, was certainly considerable consequences and, especially for those affected, be tragic, but the US economy has been affected by the most at short notice. The power of terrorism is not known not in its realized stop sequences, so terrible you also have his MOGEN, but in the bonded by them afraid of what could happen. This fear, in turn, could lead to security mania and advanced reactions that benefit the terrorists and can give them a certain legitimacy. The means of terrorism are "Panic weapons".

In this sense, Anthony Cordesman says a defensive expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, that it is always the risk that hundreds of people could be totated or critical parts of the infrastructure, but "that there is no danger of a massive defeat of the USA".

Powered like the weather, we reach us all the time and cause victims, but we are very impressive than most people can recognize. … Terrorism has become a more concrete risk, comparable to getting up from the bed. The Americans have shown that they can live with the risk of getting up from bed and terrorism, especially if the risk of terrorism remains as low as it was.

Is actually, you can see the numbers of the National Center for Health Statistics that risk of dying on a terrorist attack, in the USA unsuccessful (which is by no means way to remain so, but also dependent on politics). Also 2001, as the number of terrorist victims exceptionally with 3.000 dead was very high, almost 44 died.000 at carfalls or 20.000 by suicide. 20.000 people were murdered, 14.000 died of poisoning, while 700.000 Death by a heart disease or over 500.000 suffered by cancer. Of course, these numbers can not be equated directly with the victims of terrorism, but the fewest dead are only the result of natural and fateful events, but with people and their way of life are responsible.

Nevertheless, the collective panic is supposed to be sacrifice from terrorism, which can strike a natural disaster and could meet everyone, the fear of natural disasters that cause much more victims and damage, and individual risks (car accident, murder, through the way of life Conditional diseases). Media highly highlights this panic and politicians – everywhere in the world – benefit and schundering the fear sometimes at an irresponsible way in their own interest, rather than what caused a reasonable way to make urgent effective precaution and otherwise trying to try the panic weapon of terrorists rather dull.

Everything is a daily

The list of instructions that the FBI recently had to give up the public to avoid terrorist attack and put out suspicious persons in the run-up to the craft, could not be used for rearance for many people who do not sufficient distance. Rather, the general suspicion is required, the permanent mistrust, the fear, every time and in any place to be sacrifice of a terrorist attack, or even the suggestion, everywhere and at any moment to prevent a terrorist attack.

Regardless of where you live in the world, according to FBI, according to FBI, MUSSE will always be repeated the message that the cooperation of everyone is necessary to prevent terrorist attack. MUSSE suspended behavior mainly on important places or those where many people come together: government building, military facilities, railway farms or green events.

If you want to register if someone uses a video camera, maps or long-distance glass, but even if someone’s suspicious questions about a facility or persons who work there, whether in direct conversation or over the phone, e-mail, letters etc. To be excluded if someone wants to exercise or explore unauthorized security measures, but also if someone on explosives, weapons and ammunition (in the USA!), Uniforms or access passes, is useful and correct. But the next statement of damages only the general suspicion when people should report, the "not to the workplace, in the neighborhood, in business room or in the near an important facility or. an important event seem to be obedient". Also abandoned cars on the strain, the hoard "Suspicious materials" or at all of those in the nearby important facilities or events, are daily and should "immediately" be reported:

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