Farewell to the myth of a left majority, but not to govern

The Left Party must say goodbye in view of the ascent of the AFD of some lies, but does not want to leave the government

The pie throw on Sahra Wagnknecht right at the beginning of the Left Party of the Left, the FAZ once again made for old reflexes. The hunt for the Auberparliastar Left, which also has a pragmatic event of the Link Party-related Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, was opened: "Because you know who threw the pie."

As maybe when it comes to hunting on Linke, no opinion was caught up by you. The anti-fascist youth newspaper starred by the FAZ in the center of sugar demonstrated the premieges:

But during the party congress all our editorial members had to do other: sitting at the lake, planning the next edition, organize demos, celebrate. In short: we were not.

Supposedly one of the torturers has to be accredited for this newspaper as a journalist. But independently of who was now responsible for this, the party congress was thanked for the action. In this way, not only internal quarrels could leave the question of whether Sahra Wagenknecht has not left the party consensus with their adoption to the governing parties in the escape question.

Exactly such a debate was also prevented by the tacklawers in their explanatory text carriage knecht took the near the AFD. This leads to a solidarization with the controversial politician and prevented a discussion. Whether the incredience to criticize the policy of the governing party, but also the greats in the escape question and instead to build the popest AfD, also to do so that the authors against an adoption of SPD and grune does not have anything remains open. That was followed by the party congress.

The myth of the majority left of the Union

So the Taz Correspondent Stefan Reinicke threw the Left Party "intellectual solidification" and made this for the fact that the party is not abandoned from fear of a strengthening of the AFD of any own ideas and has made it straight to the worm process of SPD and Grunen.

"The Left Party dears the SPD rather than put smart and pragmatic from left under prere. This is red-red grun from the table", Place the old plate from the majority to the left of the Union. In fact, this ominose majority has always been the pole that the Left Party should jump.

In order to become part of this ominosen majority, it should officially recognize NATO and market economy and thus make themselves final overall. We also re-corner that on the Left Party has never failed such a covenism. In Hesse there were SPD deviations who love such a constellation fail. Under Minister Hermann Scheer might have come out some reformer approaches in the energy sector and exactly the store the SPD atom lobby so much so that they prevented this covenancy.

For some years now, it is clear that the fun rather a bundnis with the Union as with the Left Party. The fact that the SPD does not point out to bring a majority to the left of the Union is clearly clear in the Bundestag. There was still a computational majority of SPD, great and Left Party. On their congress, the SPD was therefore called to use this majority for the implementation of some social reform steps, such as reducing retirement age.

For this it did not need a formal coalition. But such an approach could show whether a reform confession beyond the Union is more than talk. Currently such a covenism is practiced in Portugal. The SPD and the greats, however, will not do anything in this legislative period. And after the next parliamentary elections, it is unlikely that there is still a computational majority of these three parties.

Nevertheless, leading politicians of the Left Party have repeatedly emphasized that such cooperation will not fail – but that they had to be confessed on certain principles. If that is interpreted in the TAZ so, the Left Party in the SPD shows the main enemy, so that is simply inaccurate. Only in recent years has been shown again and again that the SPD is always aware of a covenant with the Union than with the Left Party. Since the Left Party remains unless otherwise remained as to the own power, which is known not very strong.

Neither Merkel nor AFD

The fact that the party congress has emphasized several times that the Left Party clearly abandoned from the AFD bound, without flowing around Merkel, episode could be a sense of a learning process. The left has only taken note of the realities. Because the differences from the Merkel line to the right populism are not as serious as it is medially suggested. If Left Party Politicians such as Sahra Wagnknecht refer to that it was the policy of these and previous federal governments contributed to the desicidarization and exclusion, strengthening the AFD, then that is simply the designation of facts.

It was the Federal Government in different constellations, which with the Politics of Agenda 2010 the right populism in Germany and practiced him before the AFD was founded. The development of a separate left pool beyond Merkel and AfD therefore had to be the solution. The problem for the Left Party, however, is that you can not behave this course and wants to ask for the coalition in Thuringen in question. But that does not come to the party for the party.

Finally, she sees it as a rough success to have its own ministerial prospectors: The Thuringian chairman of the Left Party Susanne Hennig-Wellsov set out on the party congress to the lawyer of this coalition. The party should be yours "Political room for maneuver until the last second". Under Buhrufe, she acquainted: "Yes, Thuringen must also enhance." The instructions of Minister Prosident Bodo Ramelow, in enforcing such measures, do not separate families and do not get children from bed at night, will not always be followed. Because the "Legal means limited" be, here the company is required, so hennig-wellsow.

Now there has already been a social resistance against these deportations in the Thuringen ruled by the Left Party. On the 11th. May, even for an hour in Jena, a Buro of the Left Party was also occupied from protest against the deportation policy. Unlike the cake campaign against Wagenknecht, however, found this action much less public attention, as well as the real deportation policy with the participation of the Left Party less emport as an exercise of Wagenknecht .

It is particularly hypocritical if politicians of the green as their Sachsian party chairman Jurgen Kasek on Twitter’s understanding for the cake attack on Wagenknecht, although the party is involved in the composition of asylum law, where it has influence.

All of whom you recommend a willing government, know exactly that they can then no longer be distinguished from the Greats and so their left-reformist profile loses final. This has been able to polish something in recent months, as part of the left animals of the pirates began to critically support the Left Party after she had failed with its own party.

Several of their protagonists rode on the list of the left like Anke Domscheitberg. You can help the Left Party to emancipate from your double traditional social democratic blast from WASG and SED. Imagots of a world with less wage work as well as feminist and anti-racist approaches are more likely to be found in these circles. On the other hand, the praise song, the Domscheit-Berg on the self-state sings that in the economic area is more likely to strengthen the real-political camp in the party.

Even after the party congress, the track continues: although everyone knows that it does not exist the left majority beyond the Union, keep open to a tur with a tur. Gregor Gysi, who has played his part shortly before the party congratence, to shape the party when he no longer plays the first role, but now it has to live that his resonance room is limited, has already a cooperation with the Union on Landel level Conversation.

The reactions in his party seemingly did not interest him. Since he was not a special speech time, he has not been present on the party congress. That Gysi like Oskar Lafontaine, which kept inaccessible for a long time for irreplaceable, dismantle from the thrust angle advice and criticism and, in the party no one no one roughly revites itself, can actually be evaluated as a small emancipation process of the Left Party.

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