Falludscha again in the hands of sunni extremists

Falludscha again in the hands of Sunni extremists

Syrian-Iraqi al-Qaeda group fights for control of bads in the province of Anhar, memories of the urban string 2004 introduce themselves

Campant of the Al Qaeda related group of Islamic state in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS), the city of Falludscha in Province of Anbar have largely brought under its control. According to reports, police and militar who previously shocked parts of the city with grenades have left Falludscha, 75 soldiers should have been taken by Isil in captivity. But there should be other Sunni tribal vilices that continue to get ISIS and control some neighborhoods, but they should also be rotten against the Iraqi militar to chase it from the city. Saying other media, Isis had taken the entire city or proclaimed that Falludscha had become the Islamic state. Many inhabitants should be fled to the fight.

From a propagandavido of ISIS

In Ramadi, the ISIS campers were allegedly distributed by the militia and the militar again, even in Baghdad and other bads, it has come to fighting between army and sunnitical struggle during the last few days. Yesterday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki explained at the anniversary of the deduction of the American soldiers from Iraq, Isis is supported by a gulf and would like to build a state in the province of Anbar. You have learned that from a prisoner.

Al-Maliki rifled to eliminate all terrorist groups in the province of Anbar. In Iraq, the elections in April are at which Al-Maliki wants to be rewined again, currently can not be imagined as they can be carried out.

From a propagandavido of Isis

Since the jerking of the US soldiers from Iraq, the struggle between the Schiite dominated government and Sunnitical uptairs / extremists are flushed overturned again. Almost daily, it comes to striking, last year came with fighting and knocking more than 8,000 people again, now the fight with the open occupation of a city ames a dimension, as she had already given after the beginning of the Iraq war. The question is still whether in Iraq, influenced by the struggle in Syria, breaks out an open burger war and the Sunni, but also the Kurdish areas from the state loose.

Isis has emerged in the last April by the merger of several Iraqi and Syrian groups, which, in addition to their Al Qaeda ideology, are mainly represented by the extreme hatred on Shiites. Since the ISIS groups are not locally, but their camps come from many Muslim countries, they are rejected by local they are not only rejected because of their Islamist ideology, but also because they are strangers. They have built up several camps in the Sunni areas of Iraq and control some Dorfer and city, which is therefore possible because the Iraqi army does not have a real Air Force and has no combat and monitoring drones.

Allegedly, Iraqi safety force has took the Mutagable ISIS Advertiser Shaker Wahueb at the beginning of the year. He was known through a video on which he controlled with a group of armed a convoy of trucks, the drivers asked for their religion and shot three of that.

In Syria, too, Isil Campers are involved because of their cruelty, which is why the population is increasingly against them. According to heavy bugs, other Sunni fighting associations such as the Islamic front, but also groups that belong to the Free Syrian Army, is silified to submit an ultimatum.

Although in 2006 at first elections to the power-made Shiite head of government Al-Maliki hardly naves a democratic government style, occupied all power positions with Shiites and acted sharply against critics, the US continues to keep their loyalty. To strengthen its position in the fight against the Sunni extremists, the USA, as reported in December media, have delivered some Hellfire missiles, in Marz, 10 Scaneagle monitoring thousands should follow. The US government was even ready to send from US soldiers-controlled combat drones in Iraq, so directly supported by the US, Al-Maliki did not want to. The Hellfire missiles can be fired from small aircraft, allegedly supplies the CIA the target data. There were already delivered 3 aerostat balloons and 3 declaration helicopters. This year, 48 Raven drones and the first F-16 fighter aircraft should be delivered to Iraq..

From a propagandavido of ISIS

The story seems to be returned

After the invasion of the Americans and the coalition of the willing in Iraq, whom the government had challenged a cheap war and gross profits, the Hussein regime quickly fell together, but it came to a long and bloody asymmetric war shortly thereafter. After the bracket of the brutal power was crumbling Hussein, the struggle began between Sunnis, which dominated under Hussein and Kurds and the Shiites, which set the majority of the population. Both Kurds as well as Shiites already had the jerking of the Americans, which remained so. Although the Shiites soon resisted the occupiers and grew the distance in the course of the approach to Iran, but sunnitical extremists, thanks al-Qaeda, who found many pendant after 9/11 and the Afghanistan War, drifted the resistance strongest and brutal progress.

At the beginning of 2004, the Procedures situation became clear for the first time after US Soldner in Falludscha were killed and dragged through the city in triumphers (triumph of cruelty), a reminder of Somalia. As a result, however, it became clear how strongly the Pentagon sets on Soldner (the global economy of the solder troops). In the course of the year, several bads fell into the hands of Sunni natality and the city struggle began in which the Pentagon used new methods for evidence (the city in the war).

The uprising culminated in the superscript Falludschas through the trafficers (after the Americans the Islamists come). The city was – like others – also enclosed by a wall. The population has finally asked to leave the city. 250.000 should have done the result. Falludja, where also civil avocculation was stopped, bombed and the remaining riotic in a bloody struggle of special units has been tested. The brutal of the US militar has caused a widespread critique, the city was largely a trumberfield (Falludscha: the American Grosny, the defeat of Falludscha).

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