Facebook introduces sdk 11 with matching graph and marketing apis

Facebook introduces SDK 11 with matching graph and marketing APIs

The new major release of the Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit) includes updates, among other things, for Graph API 11, Marketing API 11 and brings innovations around the login and authorization control in the messenger and Android.

Login Connect in Messenger and Authorization Management

Facebook SDK 11 supports a login connect in the messenger, divided into the Limited Log-in new possibilities to define permissions (this functionality is still in betaphase). New is also an upcoming requirement for developers to embed client tokens in the SDK. This is about calls of the Graph API in the SDK, which evidently stabilize through a client token. According to the release message, the use of these tokens prevents the crash during initialization. The required by the requirement for embeding client tokens should enter into force with the SDK version 13 in January 2022.

Version number 10.X for standardization skipping

Facebook leads the Major Release 11.0 of his SDK for Android, iOS and Unity. The last major version was previously in January 2021 Version 9.0 appeared. Attention: When versioning, Facebook suggests the blog entry aware of the number 10 to ensure the version payment of the main SDK to the versioning of the Graph API. For in-app buying on Android, there is now the possibility of car logging. Through this episis, the SDKS now supports the Facebook platform now Version 2 or 3 of the Play Billing Library Published by Google Logging at In-App-Buy.

New to the APIs

In early May 2021 Facebook had begun to open functionalities at the level of data access also for consumer apps. The current blog entry can be found that the rolling should be completed by the end of June or early July. With a data model, the testing of new permissions and features for app developers and developers are easier to go from the hand without need to switch to a special development mode for tests.

According to Facebook, all newer consumer apps of this feature will automatically receive this feature in the coming weeks, provided that the settings are set up: developers who liked the new feature needing to switch their apps into Live Mode and in the Public Profile Permissions "Advanced Access" to adjust. Clear this can be found in a guide to the Access Levels.

The Facebook team has further developed the involvement of Instagram by the revision of Instagrams so-called App-Scoped IDs (ASID): The Instagram interface Basic Display is now supporting platform versioning. The API for Audience Deletion is also considered to be handled.

9.X series is considered obsolete, migration required

In addition, Facebook points out that a series of plug-ins apply with the new release as outdated (deprecated): from the 6. September 2021, the SDK developers did not continue the plug-in for embedded comments and quotes. In addition, the 9 should.X-series of the SDK can not be maintained further. From now on MOGE DEVELOPER to attack your migration to version 11, the company shares in blog business with.

In-depth notes on the current major release of the platform SDK and the Software Development Kits of the APIs can be found in the blog input on the social media company website.

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