Facebook, google, apple and co. Because of concealed lobbying in the criticism

Facebook, Google, Apple and Co. Because of concealed lobbying in the criticism

The coarse IT corporations highlighted according to observers massively their lobbying in Europe. In itself, the legitimate is that in Brussel currently the "Digital Services Act" (DSA) is prepared to create new rules for internet platforms, reports Max Bank, Speaker of the Association LobbyControl. Following the civil society organization, however, suggest that the digital companies with their lobby work in Brussel often approach intransparent.

The companies worked together intensively with thinking industries, is in a lobbyControl report. In particular, Facebook Welcome numerous memberships in such Think tanks like the Center on Regulation in Europe (Cerre), Bruegel, the European Policy Center (EPC), Friends of Europe, the Lisbon Coundil and the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN). Also Apple and Google did not open all memberships. Amazon has reacted at short notice and now emerge his membership at the Cerre.

The thinking unavailable lobbyControl according to "Studies and position papers organize discussion events" and made lobbying to regulatory ies. These compounds are not always comprehensible. So involved companies could bring the impression, "that their concerns are supported by more foreground independent feces". The chances of influencing the political discourse to influence their own benefit. At the same time, this practice make a critical analysis of the influence of gross company.

Complaint in the transparency register

LobbyControl has therefore complained and the Secretariat of the EU Transparency Register prompted to move Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon to more transparency. With their lack of information on memberships in monuments, the corporations voted against the Code of Conduct of the Register, the association.

The Think Tanks themselves operate the report according to also partly foul. Thus, for example, the lobby entry and the AubenRepramenstation of the European Center for International Political Economy (ECIPE) are asking. Officially, the forum had no members. Microsoft turn into the lobby registry but to be represented. Similar applicable for the Center for European Reform (CE). At the Center for Data Innovation (CDI), any indication of who is belonging to the members.

Among the top 30 companies with the highest lobby spending in Brussels dive all tech coronations. Google with a distance 1 with a budget of 8 million euros, followed by Microsoft rank 2 with 5 million. Facebook occupied with 4.25 million euros 5th place. Give together Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Amazon with 21 million euros more for lobbying than the seven large European car manufacturer.

There are also the expenses of the association of the IT industry. The Computer And Communications Industry Association (CCIA), Digital Europe, the European Digital Media Association (EDIMA), the European Internet Services Providers’ Association (Euroispa), according to LobbyControl, a total lobby budget of 2.15 million euros. Amazing is that EuropiPA 2018, only 10.000 Euro for the advocacy. There are five persons in Tatig and at least three of them for lobbying. It is also striking that many of the combination of Facebook, Google and Co. For fear of over-regulation only to specific topics such as privacy reported.

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