Extrasolar planet discovered with the conditions for life

The planetary jags are looking for attention

After astronomers can indirectly shape the existence of planets and unearth the shadows of a planet on a sun "observed" became, the hunt comes to potentially extraterrestrial life so really in progress and there are already some astronomers, which, so to speak, the hiding list when discovering.

Keck Observatory

The group, which have previously discovered most planets with the Keck I telescope, had not only discovered six new extrasolar planets, not only six new extrasolar planets and pointed out the possibility that it could give two more at two increments, but now try the curiosity According to the principles of attention concomitia, the MARS missions also put on the public interest in extraterrestrial life. Funf of the six planets were in circulation railways, which were suitable in principle for life, because here because of the distance to the respective stars, the water could be in liquid form. Otherwise, the planets discovered so far were mostly too close to the stars or too far away from them. But these planets are like Steven Vogt from the University of California-Santa Cruz, one of the successful group of Planetenjagers (including Geoffrey Marcy from the University of California Berkeley, Paul Butler from the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Washington, D.C., and Kevin apps from the University of Sussex), says exactly in the right distance. You have about the rough of Jupiter.

The stars were also fit, they are about as rough, old and bright as our sun. Of course, it’s not stupid that they are between 65 and 192 light years, but worse that there are hardly any planets that might move circularly around their stars, which was worried about a consistely temperature, as we look up, despite winter and summer Earth. As a rule, they move pretty eccentric around their star. "Circular orbits, as we see them in our solar system, are relatively rare", says Vogt. If soothed planets were set in such solar systems, such as the previously observed, then they were quickly brought to Vogt by gravitational force of the jupit giants from the track, which is probably just like Jupiter’s massive balls from water and helium gas are.

Extrasolar planet discovered with the conditions for life

The Upsilon Andromedae system of Lynette Cook. Image: Lynette Cook

So that does not look good for extraterrestrial life, but so vogt, if these planets should be similar to those in our solar system, then they will probably also have some moons that circle around them: "In a planet, which moves in the for life suitable zone around his sun, such moons open the possibility that there is a river water here, which may cause life." Yes, the science in which a lot is possible under certain conditions, as long as it can not be definitely excluded.

But at least the PlanetenJagerteam still has a news to report. So far, apart from UPSILON Andromedae, in order to circle the three planets – each only the existence of a planet from the trembling of a sun will be able to bring back to the gravitational effects of the passing planet. Two of the already known planets circle around the stars HD217107 and HD 187123 show, namely long-term trends in their orbits, which points for the scientists to another rough body. They could circle the stars in a two or three years current orbit. That too suggests again reason for the hope and to continue the observation: "It will require years of further observations to determine the masses and orbits of this accompanying corps, but the instructions suggest that there are drugs there are a whole series of multiple planetary systems." After all, the scientists have found an artist who prepares the dry and unanneneous data for the interested publicity. Thus, art and science also enter an alliance to benefit from the resulting attention. Anyway, there is already a Space Art and an International Association of Space Workers.

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