Everything went wrong

The terrorist attack planned by a young Iraqi family father in Stockholm refers to the similarity with the amodiac desperate teenager

Sweden apparently had Gluck on Saturday. A suicide warehouse wanted to blow up a car in the early manner of simultaneous connection and then himself. Both are not glitched. In the vehicle, the canisters with flow no flese flew into the air. And somehow, the young man did not manage to penetrate into the busy shopping strike to taste a blood band there. To suddenly, one of the six tube bombs seems to be exploded that he had surrounded.

And probably goods did not arose such a rough damage, because the pipe bombs should have included a maximum of 100 grams of explosives. The suicide mattes had 5 kg explosives. Believes that the bombs were not wired correctly. Probably they had been sacrificed with a cell phone, which found himself with the body of the man. Also the bag with the nails found, seems to have been meaningless if the attack did not plan to tune the explosive in the bag. Maybe he had this before and became only by chance to a suicide wail.

Everything went wrong

The dead suicide wail and explanations of Aftonbladet

The Autobombe probably also had no rough damage when the gas cylinders were exploded, as Aftonbladet reports. Others are different. However, terror experts suggest that the young man maybe wanted to blow up the vehicle first, so as to attract people and then blow up in the crowd.

Thus, the man rejoins the young amateurs produced by the terror, the adventure, and the prominence generated by attention, which – Gottlob – do not even create their technique (to understand the Gluck terrorists none of physics) and so did not fandered or clad, but to be paired people who do not sacrifice their lives for nothing. It is still unclear whether he was a member of a group or acted as a single duty, for which the SAPO still tends to tend. The amateur procedure also speaks about this. The police ame that the dead is also the holder of the vehicle, which raised in flames, an Audi 80 Avant. The trail could show to the Great Britain, which was a recruiting country despite or because of the war participation in Afghanistan and Iraq and the sharp anti-terror and monitoring laws.

It is probably how media reports to married a 28-29-year-old man from the Bedwedish Tranas, who dates back to Iraq, and had two small children. Apparently, Taimour Abdulwahab wanted to marry himself again, his first woman agreed, then he wanted to move into an Arab country, he wrote on the website Muslima.com. After the audio records of the email sent before the failed stop, he had a journey in the "Middle East" made, probably after Jordan, and he had passed himself from his wife and his children that he did the trip only because of Jihad. The family is now under police protection after the man’s identity became known via the Internet and were uplifted threats.

Everything went wrong

Taimour Abdulwahab still very confident on his journey in Jordan

After his Facebook page taken by the net, he should have studied at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton to 2004 sport therapy. To this city also had the suicide attacks, which in 2005 the Contribution in London exported, his family also lives here. Only two weeks ago he should have left Luton again and have traveled to Sweden, where his parents live. He had also posted numerous videos about Iraq and Chechnya, his favorite sides were Yawm al-Qiyaamah, Day of Rerection or Islamic Caliphate State. For Taimour Abdulwahab, a Facebook reminder site has been put online, other Facebook pages make fun of the inappropriate terrorists.

If it is actually a single duty, then the perspective had to move and became clearer that the suicide waters in the West are the amoclanes shingles, which want to put a spectacular end to their lives (angry anger).

The wars and the perceived injustice against Muslims were allowed only, if not to be neglected for the often uprooted young manner in the west, to put a meaning of their lives through a fanal by having the feelings, somehow important actors of world history be or to put a fanal through the propaganda of the act, which could then lead to a flatbrand. But it also meant that the strategy of Al-Qaeda to put on the Open Source Jihad (which awaits the Islamist Martyrs or terrorists?), successful, people who have no connection to Islamist networks to move to the export of terrorism. This has, of course, the antiTerror strategy, networks to monitor, in the emptiness.

Of course, you also wonder what politicians tell me if they condemn the attempted suicide attack. What aims such a conviction? The potential terrorists could not impress this. In the German Ministry of the Interior you see no relation to Germany, where you have been warn of an increased risk of attack since the end of November. This could also be understood that here one still wants to expect an increased risk, even though nothing has happened at the end of November and apparently there are no concrete instructions on threatening subsequent. However, the Swedes have only 500 soldiers in Afghanistan, the Germans ten times more.

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