Eutelsat quantum: first reprogrammable universal satellite started

Eutelsat Quantum: first reprogrammable universal satellite started

A European Ariane rocket has brought the world’s first completely reprogrammable satellite worldwide with the so-called Eutelsat Quantum. As the European space agency participating in the project now explains, the device is around the "First commercial, fully flexible software-defined satellites in the world." So far, satellites are made on the respective intended use. The Eutelsat Quantum should now be used for data support and secure communication to each area of the earth and can respond to other requirements. His planned position in a geostationar orbit in a high of about 36.He has already reached 000 kilometers.

Reconfigurable in the orbit

The Eutelsat Quantum was ordered in 2015 and was built by Airbus. Now he should not only solve a new ARA in the area commercial satellite for the satellite operator Eutelsat. He will set new standards in terms of flexibility, ares the company now. Customers during the operation of the satellite can define the required performance and range or adapt. Also the covered region KONNE will be thoroughly changed. In addition, its rays can be deflected so that they move almost in real time to contact, for example, ships or planes, explains the ESA. But even in the case of catastrophes, the satellite offered to quickly provide additional communication capacity capacity. In the case of increased demand, therefore, the throughput can be increased. On unintentional disturbances or deliberate blockages, the technology can also react.

(Source: ESA)

As a planned life of the novel, 3.5 tonnes heavy satellite, the ESA now indicates 15 years, after which he is to park in a secure cemetery sorbit and thus disposed of disposed of. He was started with an Ariane 5 from the European Space Station Kourou in French-Guayana. First tests have also revealed that communication work towards the earth.

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