Eu: “create an impact-elegant european defense industry”

EU-AUBEN officer Federica Mogherini lays down new EU strategy paper for the Aufen- and Security Policy according to the Brexit referendum

On Tuesday, the EU summit and besides Brexit begins (Will Cameron still prevent Brexit?) It will also be about the Aufen and Security Policy of the European Union. From a strategy paper of the EU-AUBEN officer Federica Mogherini, the members of the Confederation should focus on their common military stroke – with a look at "Strategic autonomy". This reports mirror online, citing the paper titled "Joint vision, joint action – a strong Europe", which will be presented at the summit meeting.

"The EU will systematically encourage cooperation in defense matters and create an impact-elegant European defense industry, which is crucial for Europe, which Europe can decide and trade", Says Mogherini in the paper.

EU:'eine schlagkraftige europaische verteidigungsindustrie schaffen'

Federica Mogherini: "The European Union is and Will Continue To Be a Strong Actor." Image: EEAS

To achieve this goal, a checking mechanism would probably be introduced, so mirror online. Technocratic formulated it in the strategy paper: "An elevated coordinated audit procedure at EU level to discuss the Member States’ military ie schedule could lead to a coherence of coherence in the plans in the defense sector and in the development of skills."

Mogherini relies on extended cooperation between EU and NATO in the programmatic paper (see also: new female book of the Bundeswehr), but also the segregation that Europe may be able to act, without the NATO: "During the NATO Dafur there is to protect your members from external attacks" so mogherini, "Must the Europe’s artistic looked better, educated and organized to act inside when it is necessary."

The EU’s sub-officers, which was also a short period of Italy for a short time, expects the EU to rapidly intervene on military level, when a situation is required to do it. "Cooperation in defense matters must be the norm…We Europe’s have to take more responsibility for our security. We have to be ready and be able to discourse to answer dangers and to protect us in front of them", Calls Mogherini.

In the strategy paper, however, it is also about how the EU should position itself to Russia: "We will not acknowledge Russia’s illegal annexation of the Crimea and do not accept destabilization of eastern Ukraine." In connection with this attitude towards Russia, the aspirations were also allowed to raise the European states, but also their neighbors for propaganda from Russia. It will be about resisting the influence experiments of Russia and to defend themselves against it.

In an interview with the Italian daily Corrier della Sera, Mogherini emphasized, the EU must be fundamental to the referendum in the Great Britain. You have to present something that the self-confidence strongers: "We have the funds, strength and responsibility to do that. Even if a lot has to change." Mogherini said the illusion of an EU, which exports a kind of world policeman democracy, must end. On Monday, the EU-AUBE commissioning will meet with the US Foreign Minister, John Kerry, to a conversation in Brussel.

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