Eu: 1.25 million asylum transport 2015

And just under a million unprocessed application reports Eurostat. Text comes

Asylum approach in EU member states Record Number of Over 1.2million First Time Asylum Seekers Registered in 2015

Http: // EC.Europe.EU / Eurostat / Documents / 2995521/7203832 / 3-04032016-AP.PDF /

A Number More Than Double That Of The Previous Year

The Number of Syrians Seeking International Protection Has Doubled in 2015 Compared with the Previous Year to REACH 362 800, While The Number of Afghans Has Almost Quadrupled to 178 200 and that of Iraqishas Multipilabel by 7 to 121 500.They represent The Three Main Citizenships of First Time Asylum Applicants in The EU Member States in 2015, Accounting for More Than Halfof All First Time Applicants

Http: // EC.Europe.EU / Eurostat / Documents / 2995521/7203832 / 3-04032016-AP.PDF / More Than A Third Applied for Asylum in Germany

Germany (441 800 First Time Applicants) – 35% of all First Time Applicants in The EU Member States Hungary (174 400, OR 14%) Sweden (156 100, OR 12%) Austria (85,500, OR 7%), Italy (83 200, OR 7%)

France (70 600, Or 6%) The year earlier in 2015 Increased the Most in Finland (+ 822%) Hungary (+ 323%) Austria (+233%) Belgium (+178%)

Relative To The Population Hungary (17 699 First Time Applicants by Million Inhabitants) Sweden (16 016) Austria (9 970) Finland (5 876) Germany (5 441)

Lowest Numbers Were Observed in Croatia (34 Applicants by Million Inhabitants), Slovakia (50), Romania (62), Portugal (80) Andlithuania (93)

Almost 1out of 3 First Time Asylum Seekers Originates from Syria

Syria (29% of the Total Number of First Time Applicants) What Again In2015themain Country of Citizenship of Asylum Seekers in The Eumber Statesof The 362 800Syrians Who Applied for the First Time for Asylum in Theeun2015, Almost Half Were Registered in Germany (158 700). In Total, Syriansrepresented The Main Citizenship of Asylum Seekers in Twelve eu Member States

Afghanistan (14% of the Total Number of First Time Applicants) RemainedThe Secondmain Country of Citizenship of Asylum Seekers in The EU Member States in 2015. Of the 178200 Afghansseeking Asylum Protectionfor The First Time in The EU Member States in2015, Nearlyhalf Applied Intwo Member States: Hungary (45 600) Andsweden (41 200)

With 121 500first Time Applicants (OR 10% of the EU Total) in2015, Iraqwas The Third Country of Citizenshipof Asylum Seekers in The Eumember States.Six in Ten Applied Inone of the Following Three Members States: Germany (29 800), Finland (20 400) Andsweden (20 200) .

Almost A Million Asylum Applications Pending

Almost a millionasylum Applications Pending Pending Applications Replications Pending Whohave Made, At Any Time, An Application for International Protection Which Is Still Under Consideration By The Responsible National Authority At The End Of The Reference Period. IT THUS REFERS TO THE "floor" of Applications for Which Decisions Are Stainless Pending. This Indicator is Mant to Measure The Workload of the National Authorities.At the End of 2015, 922 800 Applicationsfor Internationalprotection in The Eumber States Werestill Under Consideration by the Responsible National Authority. Atthe End of 2014, Therewere About Half As Many (489300). With424800pending Applications at the End of 2015 (OR 46% Often EU Total), GermanyHAD The Largest Share in The EU, Ahead of Sweden (156 700, Or 17%) Anditaly (60 200, OR 7%)


The last national asylums have transferred their applications for the EU statistics office Eurostat for the past December, and thus concrete statements can be made for the first time concrete statements about the escape and migration movements to the European Union in 2015 – the year in which more people worldwide Escape were as at any other time since the Second World War. –

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The month with the strongest influx was October 166.705 Contract, only insignificant behind it ended September 164.Contract 925. The few looks were with 58.820 paid in April. – This by far the most important destination country was Germany (441.635 or 35 percent) in front of Hungary (174.245 or 14 percent), Sweden (154.960 or 12 percent) and Austria (85.360 or 7 percent). In Austria, the division of the country of origin stands against the European overall picture. Not Stateburger Syria with 24.270 but those Afghanistan with 24.720 contribute in Austria the most onset. At third place followed Iraqis with 13.Apply 225. –

the standard.AT / 2000032429246 / EU-two-third-all-asylum accessories-in-only-three-laenders http: // Die Press.COM / Home / Politics / Exterior Policy / 4939652 / Asylum_More-Afghanen-as-Syrer?Direct = 4940670_VL_BACKLINK = / Home / Politics / Interior Policy / 4940670 / Index.doselchannel =

In the EU-wide average, the number of asylum seekers was around 25 per 10 each.000 inhabitants. In Hungary, this value was covered with 177 each 10.000 inhabitants seven times so high, followed by Sweden with 159 and Austria with 99 lend 10.000 inhabitants. The lowest was this number in Romania (0.55), Portugal (0.67) and Lithuania (0.82). The number of asylum attachment per inhabitant was in Hungary as high as in his neighboring country Romania. If the three receptor-level states of Germany, Hungary and Sweden, the remainder of the EU members opposite, it becomes clear: the proportion of asylum share in these three states was constantly between 58 and 67 percent, which were 62 percent on average; The other 25 EU states came together for the rest of the third.

Strongly in the course of time, above all, was the share of Germany to the overall carrying: as Berlin on 25. August The Dublin Agreement for Syrian – escape rates from the Burger War State should no longer be automatically deported to the EU state in which it was first registered – that was in the political debate of many as "Welcome" for all escape and migrants understood. –

In fact, Germany was a much more coveted goal in the first half of 2015 and therefore before this decision. In the three months after the decision, Germany posted a third of the EU-wide requests, while in Marz was almost every second request. In the first half of the year, Germany came to 40 percent, in the second half of the year to 33 percent of all applications.

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