Erdogan: the west supports terrorism

The Turkish Prasident aggravates that he was not allowed to take live speech to his appendant on Sunday

What the Turkish government leads not only to seek the confrontation with the EU on the escape of the escape agreement and visa freedom, but also a conflict with the USA recessed, is not clearly recognizable. Apparently, after the coup, Erdogan believes that the first cleaning waves and the weakness of the opposition the domestic politically recovered strong also.

Whether those who have always organized by whom has to do with the already threatened cleanliness of the militar and state apparatus of Gulen’s attachments – or maybe with the renewed adding to Moscow, is there. Anyway, the Anti-American mood in Turkey was pronounced for a long time and is well mobilized, especially since the alleged dip ginger of the coup, the former friend and helpers of Erdogan, Fethulla Gulen, since 1998 in the USA lives. Gulen is accused of Erdogan with his slope to the conspiracy theory, which was probably based on its own approach, to have infiltrated the Turkey with a network of attachments. This networks is now called Feto, the "Fethullahistic terrorist organization", a name that is paused by Erdogan, the ACP politicians and the horny media in the head of humans, during the prasident himself with Orwellian terminology the absolute power appropriates and simply saving democracy.

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The visit of the Supreme US Militar, the General Staff Joseph Dunford in Incirlik and the head of government Binali Yıldırım was only an opportunity to promote the US support of the Gulen terrorists and to demand the delivery of Gulen. Dunford tried in substance attitude, condemned the coup attempt to the sharp and showed solidarity with the Turkish people and the Turkish government.

The spokesman for the US Domination Ministry also wanted to deny each conflict yesterday. Kirby said, one condemn the coup, support the democratically chosen government, the Turkey stay a NATO partner, Dunford "Constructive talk" guided. Ankara was only called upon to act justice against the Putschists. Criticism there is no, Erdogan Konne say what he wanted, important is only that the partnership with Turkey further.

But that does not only want to enforce the delivery of Gulens with the jerking of Russia, but also the Turkish interests against the PKK and above all the Syrian Kurds. But the US does not rinse from the support of the Syrian Kurds, which is used for the fight against the IS and the ongoing offensive in Manbij and the planned against Raqqa. As is known, the Kurds for Erdogan are the Greater Enemy than the IS and other Islamische terrorgilizers, which are therefore more or less openly supported. Even an assadation to Assad was apparently considering the Turkish government to prevent the Syrian Kurds from controlling a continuous territory on the Turkish border and thus prevented that from Turkey further camphor, weapons and other supply to islamist groups in Syria.

The West is behind the Putschists

Meanwhile, representatives of the Turkish government also make the CIA directly for the coup attempt with. Gulen had received a Green Card on a CIA employee. And self-resistant, the coup has nothing to do with the situation in Turkey, but was controlled by foreign countries. Daily Sabah, the international channel of the AKP, has made an online survey. Then most of the Turken say, the CIA has supported the Putschists.

Erdogan presented the Turkish-American relationship yesterday, which also means that the Turkey is the membership in NATO for disposition. Of the "west", So Erdogan said, support the terrorism and stand behind the Putschisten. He threw Deutschland, not to deliver the Gulen appendant, was forbidden that he stops a live address on the pro-Erdogan demonstration in Koln.

From the US, they have never requested documents when it came to the delivery of terrorists, he refurbished after allegedly delivered for the second time documents to the US to justify the delivery of Gulen. The is undoubtedly a terrorist in view of the Turkish government. Belgium was also warned in front of the terrorists before they have committed the attack without being obedient. The fact that is required for the delivery evidence, seems to be violated against the honor: "Which partners are we when your documents require when we ask for a terrorist?" And Erdogan accused the western governments to hold people from visiting Turkey to vacation.

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