England: hosts should pay penalty if you roast potatoes crispy

England: hosts should pay penalty if you roast potatoes crispy

Triple Cooked Chips. Photo: Foody Fanatic. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Gaste that MOGE MOGEN, Fuhlen inappropriate patronized

The Telegraph made planning this week publicly, which, according to British hosts, were able to threaten to ensure bubbanks, if they serve their gasten of crosp fries or other crispy fried dishes. Background is not a desire of guests, but an EU Food Hygiene EU Directive, which could implement the Food Standards Agency (FSO) before farewell the United Kingdom of Brussel with appropriate effects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For Scotland, the FSA has not been stateful since 2015.

The Directive provides that Member States make adequate measures to protect consumers from acrylamide. Acrylamide was a coarse media topic at the beginning of zero years after providing Swedish scientists in French fries and other strong foods prepared at temperatures over 120 degrees Celsius. Father came out that acrylamide in the food had not significantly increased the risk of cancer in humans (unlike experiments) and that persons who eat such foods are statistically intended to have a slightly lower risk of falling to colon cancer.


The FSA nevertheless sees it as appropriate to prohibit pubs and restaurants for the roast with high temperatures. Your will to be served for thirst potatoes only yellow – and not brown -. For this, the author has besides broaches, as avoiding the emergence of acrylamide in the food preparation by the purchasing strong-legible potatoes, blanching, low temperatures and short frivoidales, also make color tables that can catch cook in their cakes to orient themselves.

A spokesman of the British Beer and Pub Association meant, one did not mind avoiding the genesis of acrylamide in the food, but remembering that there are many guests who want their potatoes crispy. This can be seen in social media (where to worry about specialties such as triple cooked chips, yorkshire pudding and dunne crisppizza) similarly.

Jamie-Oliver effect?

If the combination of crispy and prolonged in guest states, some guests could stay away. That Briten did not eat everything that you have opted, when the TV’s chef Jamie Oliver wanted to enforce an offer on the local schools, which corresponded to his idea of healthy food: Many Schuler simply provided themselves otherwise with things that tasted them better (see. The crusade of the heavy chef). Meanwhile, the TV’s cook also shuts off six of its 41 chain restaurants (cf. Great Britain: Economic Boom and one "Social turn"To).

It could also be one of the reasons for health before taste that in German all-day schools was about a quarter of the meal in Mull, as a study from North Rhine-Westphalia brought to light last week. The cost of 22 kilograms, which are thrown away every year per full-time shoulder, add up to 57.8 million euros nationwide.

Any opinion is the Food Safety Consultant Lisa Ackerley from the British Hospitality Association: It believes that consumers will accept the new prohibitions because they too "Health awareness" increase.

Lemonade tax from 2018

From the next year, a new lemonade tax will be charged in the UK – in two different sizens for drinks from eight and fun grams of sugar per deciliter. The tax, which should pay both manufacturers and importers, could lead to price increases of up to 80 percent in consumers.

The maaking was particularly rejected by Tories before the last elections and did not burden with an increased financial needs from the Minister of Finance George Osborne, which has now been returned, but with overweight in children and the will "Great Britain fit". The expected revenues in the high of several hundred million pounds should be used by its words for sports lessons at elementary schools. To what extent you replace cumed funds is unclear (see. UK: Government introduces lemonade tax).

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