Energy collection law: new, expensive gifts to old corporations

Energy collection law: new, expensive gifts to old corporations

Evacuation due to the "Woolsey Fire", Malibu, on the 9. November 2018. Photo: Cyclonebiskit / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Energy and Climate Week Show: Dangerous Fire in California and the Federal Government, which gives a lot of fairness to further slow down the conversion of the power supply

In the US state of California’s devastating forest band. On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the number of death victims has risen to 42.

Last week, the small town of Paradise fell the flames to the victim, a place drawn by poverty, in which many pensioners lived. Whether they can make a reconstruction, is uncertain, especially since some already lived in a caravan anyway.

Thus, the Brande were an example of that, especially in the rich lives, above all the poorest most under the consequences of climate change have suffered. And that here is partly the climate change at the factory, Los Angeles Supreme Firefighter, Daryl Osby, is pretty sure.

At a press conference, of which the Guardian reports he is responsible for climate change for the special destruction of the this-year fire. Affected by another wild fire was also the celebration of Los Angeles Celebrities located on Malibu. Once German escapears such as Bertold Brecht, Thomas Man and Lion Feuchtwanger had found protection in front of the Nazis, but that’s another story.

According to OSBy hours the firefighters the most unpredictable fires against them that they had ever experienced. Strong winds make the brands especially destroying and dangerous. The so-called Santa Ana-winch bring dry air, which further passes the vegetation and spread the fire with dangerous speed.

More forest charts

According to the New York Times heap in California the particularly extreme forest and bush bands. Since 1932 she was guided by statistics, but from the ten large bonds had took place since 2000 since 2000, FUF since 2010 and two alone this year.

The temperatures lay through climate change two to three degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 to 1.6 degrees Celsius) high, quotes the newspaper a climate scientist from the prestigious Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of the New York Columbia University. This made the vegetation even more than otherwise dried.

But as mostly when it comes to the consequences of climate change, other factors are added. On the one hand, the people of California settle close to the hazardous zones, which does not yet explain the increase in destruction, because this tendency is much old than the increase in particularly heavy fire.

For the second properties in wide parts of North America, including California, wildfire for natural cycle of okosystems. The fact that man excavates them is to a certain collection of combustible material, which gives the next fire more food.

To the third thing to every fire an immediate cause. This can be of course, like a lightning strike, but mostly are human activities. For example, they also have torn overland pipes that sparks.

Praventtion – Earth cable in this case – could therefore reduce the risk of fire, which, however, raises the question of who organizes and paid. In this respect, too, the current fire in California is therefore exemplary for dealing with the consequences of climate change – be it in the national, is in the global framework.

who is paying?

So who becomes in this country for the increase in the dyes, for harvest trap, for the preparation of the health system on heat waves and tropical diseases and so on? RWE or the LEAG, for example, with all power to the lignite.

Since the political landscape had to be huge, but certainly not by the election of aggressive typesis that rather steer the displeasure against minorities and escape, as if they wanted to tackle real problems.

Meanwhile, the Berlin government coalition for the old energy companies and their coal-fired power plants had prepared a few nuclearnesses. With the so-called energy collection law, which was already treated on Friday at first reading in Bundestag, among other things, the renewable energy law will be changed again, not exactly to the better.

On the one hand, the already promised in the coalition agreement already promised special write-offs should finally be launched. However, as already reported, with considerable delay, so that in the next two years with a dramatic racy of the structure of new wind turbines is expected.

The industry presents the significant problems. The industrial union of metal spoke in September that since the beginning of 2017, local manufacturers have explored the deletion of 3500 to 4000 workplaces since the beginning of 2017. The reason is the one in the strongest cost prere that companies pass on to the employees. On the other hand, however, the situation was able to further encourage itself through politically organized sales ies in Germany through politically organized sales ies.

On the other hand, the feed-in allocation for rough, roof installed solar systems are drastically lowered. Instead of 11.09, it should only give 8.33 cents per jibed kilowatt hour of new plants. The Federal Association of Renewable Energies (Bee) can be premiumed that this will reduce the expansion in 2019 again considerably.

He had just started recovering due to the low module prices. According to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, 2170 megawatts of solar performance were installed in the first ten months of 2018, approximately as much as in the previous year. In 2016, it had been only 1500 MW, in the BoomJahren 2009 to 2011, on the other hand, it was over 7000 MW each.

By the shortness also made tenant current model. These are supposed to ensure that tenants come to the electricity generated on their roof. "When it comes to increasing the acceptance for the energy transition, burger players play a central role. Here all the possibilities of participation should be sought instead of further circumcised", SO BEE Prasidentin Simone Peter.

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