Embody: herman miller and logitech sell 1276 euro chair for gamer

Embody: Herman Miller and Logitech Sell 1276 Euro Chair for Gamer

Mobel manufacturer and Buroausstatter Herman Miller wants to mix with the gaming event and makes common cause with Logitech. A customized version of the burst chair Embody comes as the first product from this cooperation in the trade. The changes affect the material used on the seat surface and the black-blue color scheme.

Many ergonomic settings

Unlike most gaming stuhle, the Embody is not a largely rigid bowl seat from a racing car. Instead, there is one of the fluidized backrest adapted to the spine, which makes a commonly applicable lumbar cushion. Behind the "Embody Tilt" Apparently a synchronous mechanism with two feathers: You can be adapted to your own body weight and allow game in the backrest. The latter can adjust users in the high, the seat surface in the depth. Four layers of foam and "Copper-containing particles" Should give the player to a pleasant cowle.

Herman Miller Logitech Embody

Herman Miller and Logitech call for the new Embody 1276 euros. Thus he is a bit cheap than the previous standard versions, which are more than 1400 euros from something more than 1400 euros – for gaming accessories rather uneven. Other buroes with synchronous mechanics are already available for 200 euros and less. Shipping should begin at the end of July 2020. Buyers can be made on a coarse delivery, as the chair is delivered ready-mounted.

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