Electricity of condensation

For electronic gadget, condensation has so far as enemy – with researchers now want to shop mobile phones

The fact that water vapor has the unpleasant property to condense on cowlen flats is a small but pale problem in many areas of technology. In the refrigerator, for example, it leads to ice cream on the backwalling of ice, the more of the oler, the refrigerator is opened and thus warm air with its relatively high moisture content. If the system then cools the air, as its task is, its recording capacity – and the water vapor condenses on the skars to water. That’s greasy because it reduces the efficiency of cooling. Especially in countries with a high proportion of buildings with Air Condition, the effect does not contribute to high power consumption.

Some time ago, a research team of those had come out how the effect is settling. The relevant surface should not only have water-repellent properties, but be superhydrophobic.

This can be achieved by convincing the surface with a tiny pattern. Resulting water drops are then stabbed immediately. The trick is to urge the surface so that side by side must combine forming drops. Energy is free, which leads to the destruction of the drops.

However, they usually fall with certain probability on the surface. This can be done, beat the same researchers later, with the help of negatively charged wire in the immediate vicinity. Because the drops acquire a positive charge at the moment of your jump.

But if we already have a positively charged particle – what else is there otherwise? If we collect the charges and try to make something useful, the researchers have now thought. In the Applied Physics Letters, set your concept. It consists of two metal plates: one is superhydrophobic, the other hydrophilic, so attracts water. This plate collects the stokers and the electric charges they brought after they were stabbed by the other plate.

The result is at first glance. You can not generate more than 15 picowatts per square centimeter. However, do you construct a box in the rough of a typical camping chuhry bag, so with an inner surface of 1500 square centimeters, love to create energy in twelve hours to load a cell phone. This could be exciting in the outdoor area because it works at night.

The atmosphere usually brings enough moisture – but of course the cell works better when the air is moist. In addition, it was interesting for the smallest sensors, which should work independently of an external power supply or battery. Since the system contains no moving parts, it is definitely stable and low maintenance. As a small side effect, the plant also produces clean water too.

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