Effective environmental zones in saxony-anhalt

From 1. October 2012 thirst for the environmental zones of Berlin, Bremen, Dinslaken, Erfurt, Frankfurt A.M., Hannover, Krefeld, Leipzig, Munchen, Osnabruck and Stuttgart can only be driven with valued gruner plaque. That concerns all cars, buses, campers and trucks. If you do not stop it, risk a bub money of 40 euros and a point in Flensburg. Thus, the third stage of the driving bans already occurs in these bikes, vehicles with yellow, red or without plaque are thus locked out.

The effectiveness of environmental zones is controversial. According to the youngest emissions protection report, the Saxony-Anhalt Environment Minister Hermann Onko Aekenens (CDU) presented on Monday in Magdeburg, the environmental zones in Magdeburg and Halle show effect: the burden on air with particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and dieselrub is there by 5 to 5 to 15 percent dropped, although there only the second stage of the driving bourge applies, so only vehicles without or with red plaque no access traffic. Only from 2013 can only vehicles with Gruner Badge. Thereafter, Aeken’s even more accompanies more detailed data on the effect of environmental zones. The tarpaulin for a cleaner air also contained maps like the construction of bypasses, Aeikens said.

The resulting from the report was made throughout 2011 to FUF measuring stations of the country Saxony-Anhalt in four bads to overruns of the daily limit of 50 micrograms fine dust per cubic meter. At the measuring station in the paracelusstrabe in Halle, the highest number was reached with 59 overruns.

The Immission Protection Report is submitted by the country. He is developed by the State Office for Environmental Protection and contains data on the cleanliness of the air, so too pollutants that are considered dangerous for health. They are caused by the strain traffic, industry and heating, but are also dependent on the weather.

There are already environmental zones in more than 40 German city. They have been introduced mainly because of the fine dust stress. Background is that since 2005 Europe-wide limits for particulate matter apply. Cities that override these values in more than 35 days a year, see environmental zones as a potential means of reducing fine dust pollution. Only vehicles with an environmental badge can be used in these areas.

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