Each twelve brite has ever fallen on online cheats

Spam emails are significantly more successful than previously accepted

Ha ha, on something like the letters of the Nigeria Connection, no reasonable person falls in, one should mean. But if only every thousandth is doing, the infinite quantities of mull mails have already been rewarded. In fact, however, almost every tenth Brite seems to come in for fraudulent spam mails.

How can you only fall into the most incredibly knitted spam mails that require the input secret password or pins in wheel-legitimate German? But as he had never established a blurred GAG embarrassed Christian Bieke, even on his satires side secret data give people again and again people in their intimate secrets, without thinking long. You still have themselves gluck that it is just a joke side, which, however, should have introduced your owner to a house search.

Well, the Germans are just blod, as it can happen before. But one of the English consumer protection organization which? On behalf of a study, a much more scary numbers: With a population of the entire United Konigreich with Ireland and Scotland of something about 60 million people, more than half of the adult population, namely 28 million inhabitants, have contacted online frauds. And actually fallen in are proud 5 million – so not a thousandth or a hundredth of the online, but every Zwart – namely of the persons with internet access, but the total taxation. Were interviewed by Which? Something about 1000 burger.

Won in the lottery, though never played?

Eight million British has received news about any international lottery yielding. Often there is neither mistrust that you have not played at all in a lottery, nor that a "small faucet" is necessary to get his price sent – exactly the same scheme that uses the well-known Nigeria budget letters to which 8% of the Respondents have already met. Often the bank details are abused, which was allegedly required for the coagulation of the profit on account, to deploy money from the account of the victim instead instead.

Multilevel Marketing Systems (Snowball Systems) are also very common, in which first one "Basic equipment" or a (after only three-sided) "textbook" should be bought. 1/4 of the respondent adults have already seen such offers.

That these confiders are successful, the report also proves the study in "The Register", in which the Google Ads placed around the article promote exactly for the sustainable services, in front of which the article should actually warn.

Permanent problem: mutual jerk up

Online playing on the British islands in the awareness of the population for telecommunications was not the main role: The aforement of the most famous lazy trick is the mesh unknown for us, to ask for a particularly highly breaded value value number – in Germany 0190 or since 1. January 2006 now 0900, but also 0137 ("televoting", pricing). For this purpose is called and asked for a jerk-call – even on the answering machine of the Telepolis editorial editorial editors have already left such announcements, by similarly fraudulent faxes quite apart. Even those who advertise his car in the newspaper must expect such fraud calls.

In particular, mobile phones make the cheats even more priced only once, so that no one can take off quickly enough, leaving an expensive 0900 or 0137 number as a supposed sender. Preferably Print Many cell phone owners simply to "call call" to catch the supposedly missed caller without first seeing on the phone number, and then land on lengthy tape plants, such as a seemingly misconducted sex language, during the list of basting.

Each third Brite has already received such calls, but only two million have actually recalled, here the islanders are obviously more cautious than on the Internet. Nevertheless, this already sufficient that the payouts from such "Multi-controlled numbers" Now in England 30 days are to be held before they were allowed to be paid – a practice that was always so ugland in Germany.

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