Each third cd is folded

The music industry suffers from professional pirated copiers – there is disagreement about antidote

According to a study now, every third worldwide commercially widespread audio CD is manufactured without the authorization of the authors. Most of these bootleg CDs are pressed into emerging markers. A circulating idea to increase legal music sales but not at the record companies at all.

The International Musical Industry Association IFPI presented his declared report on commercial music piracy yesterday in London. It is said that last year, more than one billion bootleg CDs were sold worldwide. A total of around 4.5 billion US dollars. The sales figures of the unvused CDs increased by 14 percent last year. At the same time, the regular music industry sold sales breeding of treasured funf to eight percent.

Most bootleg CDs are manufactured in countries like Brazil, China and Mexico. Poland, Russia and Spain also belong to the IFPI to the problem areas of the music industry. In Greece, even more than half of all the downloadable CDs comes from unauthorized presses. Here to land lies the proportion of CDs that do not bring musicians and record companies no cents, but below ten percent of all toners sold.

The combination of the music industry tries to counteract the trend with a stronger persecution of the black sheep. So last year a total of 71 CD presses were closed and 50 million silver slices were confiscated. However, a gross portion of commercial piracy is now performing on a micro colorive level against which the industry is powerless. According to the IFPI, around 28 percent of all albums sold were offered as CD-RS – multiplied by often not much more than a few in series CD burners.

Against piracy: lower prices?

An unusual suggestion for the solution of the bootleg problem comes these days from Malaysia. The country is based on the IFPI to the Asian countries with the highest piracy quota. The US entertainment economy alone complains of around 250 million US dollars per year due to unlawful CDs and DVDs spreads in Malaysia. However, the Malaysian government believes that having found a simple recipe against the Bootegger: if the prices of the originals were sinking, consumers did not have to grab the illegal offers so often. After the government first wanted to move the industry to the voluntary lowering of prices, trading ministers changed Datuk S. Subramaniam at the end of May on more aggressive methods. He simply recommended his compatriots to buy any CDs and DVDs for so long until the industry offers this cheaper.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is even rudging that prices for entertainment products to regulate state. This idea dear representatives of the industry started worldwide – finally she was able to prevail even in other states plagued by piracy. The US Aufenhandelsminy sent this week to a hurry a representative to Kuala Lumpur to operate lobbying against the state price dictate. The US Messenger William Lash explained to this opposite the press, with such regulations, you will ultimately shame exactly the musicians who want to wear with it.

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