Dudenhoffer: expose vat for car purchase

Dudenhoffer: expose VAT for car purchase

Such a maaking CONNE CONNE in the corona crisis bring the private demand back into progress, said the scientist of the University of St. Gall. Demand impulses are important so that the manufacturers and their suppliers in the current flauts do not degrade their capacities and thus workplaces.

Auto-subscription and special rights right

Dudenhoffer showed himself skeptical whether the German automotive industry could be brought through the crisis with the instruments of short-time work and liquiditatives alone. State financing contributions could only be a short bridge. From the automakers he demanded more and inexpensive deals for car subscriptions including all costs. In addition, the customer must have a special right of support for job loss to be caught.

An additional advantage of a VAT pause ware, so expert Dudenhoffer, that no financial loans had to be recorded. "Tax revenues are reduced, but only if consumers are tackled at the same time."The VAT suspension was also a further thrust for the electromobility in Germany. Together with the purchase program in Hohe, an attractive offer was created.

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