Doubts about the effect of driver assistance systems

According to a report of the automotive magazine ATZ, the broad introduction of driver assistance systems is likely to help reduce the number of traffic totes in Europe. This will show a study, the DR. Bernd Gottzig presented at the Technical Congress of the VDA last Wednesday in Ludwigsburg. The manager of the Automotive Safety Office at Ford has reserved for tracking systems from preventing only 14 percent of heavy injuries in sauces. For emergency brake systems to prevent the uprage, the quota is only about 3 percent and only 2 percent in deadwinkel monitoring. It is interesting in this context that the "accident research of insurers" had published completely other results in February for the emergency brake assistant.

Gottelschig had used his study the GIDAS database of universities Hanover and Dresden, in which 9000 realism are stored. He examined the data on whether they could be prevented by the use of the individual technical systems. Critics, however, that this consideration is largely theoretically because only a small part of the stored vehicles is equipped with ESP, which is no longer the state of the art. However, this criticism indicates a fundamental problem, which is hardly forgotten: empirical data on the basis of future technologies can not exist, thus he had to eliminate a theoretical approach.

The fact that gottensifies at some parties for displeasure can be introduced. Because not only the EU has an interest in providing intelligent driver assistance systems for more security, it also beckons an interesting market for products, which the different parties are not in agreement with their benefits. While the effectiveness of the electronic stability program ESP is hardly in question, in case of accident prevention systems, such as spacers or tracking systems, is still controversial to the extent that it could not be even harmful to the driver’s decisions.

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