Dot con: not much new in the internet age

Consumer protection unaves a list of the most common surfaces on the Internet

Fruher warned Eden Zimmermann in ZDF in front of Neppers, tractors, farm farmers – today, at least part of these professional concerns are broadened to the internet, not only to pull the people on the ears of the ears. And quickly you can fall in the German part of the network on the tricks of the crooks. For example, if you follow the temptations of a porn provider that promises hot online sex. However, you can only "deliver", If you download yourself a program offered on the appropriate page. And that’s exactly how then automatically turns on the sex live pages – but an extremely expensive provider or a still expensive 0190 number.

Similar trap also describes the now published "dot con"-List that the top ten surfaces on the Internet. It was created by consumer protectioners, among others, in Germany, Australia, Great Britain and the USA. And with her, Jodie Bernstein hopes by the US Federal Trade Commission, the climate for the eCommerce is to be improved in the long term and brought more confidence in online businesses among customers: "We want to make the net for consumers safer."

A total of more than 285.000 complaints reached consumer protections worldwide, more than 1600 websites have been determined, which at least suggest the suspicion of fraud, and filthe were finally 251 cases in which laws are trying to pay at least a financial compensation for the damage caused by the customers reach.

In this context, in this context of consumer protectioners was also a top 10 most popular surfaces:

  1. Internet Auction Fraud
  2. Internet Service Provider Scams
  3. Internet Web Site Design / Promotions – Web Cramming
  4. Internet Information and Adult Services – Credit Card Cramming
  5. Multi-Level Marketing / Pyramid Scams
  6. Business Opportunities and Work-at-Home Scams
  7. Investment Schemes and Get-Rich-Quick Scams
  8. Travel / Vacation Fraud
  9. Telephone / Pay-per-Call Solicality Frauds (Including Modem Dialers and Teletext)
  10. Health Care Frauds

In the first place are therefore internet auctions, which attribute with great offers, but then if the goods have been paid in advance, either not or products of minor quality deliver. Ranked 2 Ranked Providers, where customers are attracted with money presents. However, in the case of the checks, you automatically sign an expensive internet access contract. 4th place is the classic credit card fraud, and among the first ten is of course the already mentioned dial-up swing in sex sites in the network.

Who looks at the complete list, but soon comes to the conclusion that the Neppers, tractors and farmers also in the internet age has not yet come up with much new. You can see from online sex, that’s not the time of EDE Zimmermann at times

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