Dooyoo also so much ciau in yoolia?

Customers can now also have on web servers. Axel does it too. I hate him for it

In principle, Axel is nice. Well, he drinks his black tea with a portion of Kaba on top, he has a hand like other for fall, and he wife everything better. But why does he have to go to heaven now also webmiles at Dooyoolia or how they all collect all?

The principle of www.dooyoo.DE is really reasonable. "Test reports from the consumer" are sorted by topics under this URL. The sorting reminds of I also do not know why the two sound so similar. Maybe they all have written off. You need already two OO today to get the heating market of "I-Hab-also-what-found"-Websites exist. I see that.

But you certainly do not need Axel.

Axel has paid me the other day that DOOYOO.DE Soon a lot of advertising will make. I do not really interest me, but Axel has also paid that he is so familiar. Then I became restless. Because Axel is now writing about every product he knows. The star of the products. In And always stands under his rhetorical "very helpful", of whom always. This is almost reminiscent of Board elections in the foreign legion. But Axel is happy about it. I do not survive.

Word beads like "Even after the Middle Ages Braunschweig was very important for centuries in terms of trade and traffic very significant."* In his view, the recently mixed the travel sector of the site significantly. And one of these disgusting start-ups could be axel loose "You see on the websites pretty much no trace of modernity." certify. Since the German web designer scene is still talking to the next Christmas party Druber. However, I have loved Axel for the final fishing shot of the international media scene: "Also, I wonder why the Playboy sometimes publishes reports or reports about beer or the leaks of seals, that has really lost nothing in such a notebook." Right so Axel, spread, Pamela should not roll around in hops and malt.

After a long-way disputes on the Occident, the sense of the Internet and modern marketing strategies, including trustofoils self-builders – again two "oo", What context is there here? -, However, I underflow an unforgivable mistake. Actually, it should be a joke to claim that such customer self-eviction pages could be greatly abused. I should watch the eyebrows of Axel, but no … This Hollish black tea – also a recommendation from Dooyoo: very helpful! – Locks each mental brake. So I proposed Axel a bet. Betting that it does not create users to deal with real and invented products? Bet accepted. The internet makes spab.

Axel was no longer brakes and Bramsed Souveran over the magnificent bathing sands of Botswasi (flight via Mali, please book on-site). MAN KONNE ACCIDENT DUBSUE-FREE EARLY MODE PRODUCT 22 ” – Take tube screens. That’s what I found a bit overpowered, but the rating of users voted clearly for Axel: very useful.

Good, then I just too. Let’s see: On the CeBIT I have already tested 25 ” – screens that show women on the Internet in principle only naked. Da falls the pathty search at Persian Kitty way. However, the RGB driver is not contracted with the Netscape Composer. When calling more than three women simultaneously, the cut sheet feeder of the printer is formatting new. That’s why you should get here to version 2.0 wait or drive the printer in the future via frames.

But Axel stunted when he saw my Funf star rating. And he also responded.

The goods, so Axel in his counter review, easy to prevent, because in Botsvasi such screens with a hormone-overflow plug-in are equipped. From manufacturer. You should just take one in the next vacation. The Zollner knew, and placed a guageable slave against a small obulus. What remained insisting on the bad quality of mains plugs in Botswasi and to deliver a flaming speech against the usual consumption of Pandabaren. Quit.

We did not know what we do: Axel has shown me the freshly created Botswasi community under MSN. Most of the local entries are on his side. The plug-in work perfectly, the toilets at the airport are pursual and single sheet included under Linux have long been no problem. Only one of the participants released us as Lugner: Botswasi can be reached much better via Madeira (direct flight), the printer control over frames is too slow and better with Flash when the number pad is turned off on the keyboard.

Yes, I spun?

* The quotes come from the original from WWW.dooyoo.DE and have been pushed down Axel.

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