Distribution of the iloveyou virus probably an accident

The presumable originator of the "Love bug" Dear at a press conference in Manila many opportunities in the room.

A Philizinian computer student said, possibly he released the so successfully reproduced iloveyou-email worm unfortunately released. Onel de Guzman, who had been submerged for a few days, appeared yesterday at a press conference in Manila.

Accompanied by a lawyer, he did not want to fix himself on it, the sole author of the so-called "Love bug" to be, even sent this. His statement: "It is possible". But much but seems to be stuck that the iloveyou script is based on the thesis de Guzmans. The theme of his thesis was a software that steals Windows password and allows the user to use foreign Internet accounts. The motivation of this seemingly high Internet access costs in Manila. But his work had been rejected by his college as unethical.

De Guzman and a second student, which has actually made the degree on the same college and whose thesis is the thesis de Guzmans, should be both members of a programmer group called GRAMMERSOFT. This word had also appeared in the VBS script of the Love bug, as well as the formulation "I Hate Go To School". According to De Guzman’s lawyer, other knowledge of his software. On what he had done the day when the Iloveyou emails spread like a flatbrand, the student could not remember.

In an appeal of a committee of the US Congress yesterday, further details were known how far from the Love Bug had taken in US federal agents. At least 14 were affected, including the NASA and the CIA. It is particularly bad to hit the Ministry of Defense, where system-wide new installations had to be made. Apart from the fact that it is a bit surprising that in such sensitive government bodies, a known dow for security-related product is used as Microsoft Outlook, one also wonders what happens to the Billions of Dollars for the so-called National Infrastructure Protection Center. Last but not least, more and more seems to emphasize that, especially lonely officials in administrative Buros are more likely to be the skillful "Social Engineering" the "ICH LIEBE DICH"-Subject line were and the relevant email have joyfully clicked.

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