Digitization must wait: claims for companies did not

Digitization must wait: claims for companies did not

With the call program "Digital now" If the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) wants to demand digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises – but from the approved resources has not been approved by this, as well as a small question of the Green Bundestag Faction to the Federal Government.

Thus, so far have been received over 1650 applications, of which over 1100 finals were considered and edited. About 39 million euros were granted to claim, with an average sum of 39.000 Euro and an average acquisition of 51 percent. The total investment volume is the result of 163 million euros.

However, the payment of these funds is dependent on the submission of a proof of use depending on: this can submit companies to the project maker according to the full end conclusion of the project or end of the intelligence period. Only after a surveillance of all the case-proof and expenditure incurred by the investment project follows a payout.

Means only after completion and examination

How to show out of the small request, but only a few uses have been received. They were currently undergraded, but funds did not flow. The Grunen-Digiturexperte Dieter Janecek clearly criticizes this: "Especially the retail market affected in the crisis has already to fight for liquidity ies anyway. Since it is simply unrealistic to expect that many affected companies can go in advance."

The trade falls 15 percent of the entrance received, while the manufacturing sector takes the top position during 25 percent. This is followed by the health and social system (12 percent), construction (10 percent) and finally other services (10 percent). 44 percent of companies have 11 to 50 employees, 29 percent 2 to 10.

On average, applicants must wait 8 to 10 weeks on editing. However, the answer to the small request indicates that this period may vary significantly due to any questions about requirements and exams. Janecek sees this as "Unexpectedly long [n] Granting process" at which "The BMWI with the coarse number of applicants does not come back".

Digital now not conceived against Corona

The Federal Government also explicitly points out that "Digital now" not just not focused on the mitigation of the consequences of Corona. Above all, the conception of the program was already before the occurrence of Covid-19 in Europe. However, the economic consequences of the pandemic was considered.

Further details about the current state of the call program can be found in the answer of the BMWi to the small request. While "Digital now" Off-based on SMEs, the digital pact also has a demand criticized by many sides for the digitization of schools.

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