Digital instead of fax: industry calls for “radical change” in office

Digital instead of fax: industry calls for'radikalen wandel' in amtsstuben'radikalen wandel' in amtsstuben

The economy has demanded significantly more tempo in the digitization in resistant. There must be a "radical change in the German office", it is called in a position paper presented on Monday of the German Industry (BDI). The Corona Pandemic has made the existing coarse deficits more than clear. "Resisted were only insufficient prepared and in many parts completely inadequate digital fit."Germany is far off with a view to its digital administration in the EU comparison.

Timed digital equipment of the official

Also the prassident of the Digital Association Bitkom, Achim Berg, demanded more efforts. "We have to be faster and better," he explained on request of the German Press Agency. "The Corona crisis has made our experiments visible and trailable. Furthermore, health authorized risk contacts with letter and fax, home office is in the administration too often a foreign word."

The BDI demanded the top priority now a time-made digital equipment, digital processes and a networking of health markets as well as the testing infrastructures.

Switching to digital administration

Further criticized the association, which Corona emergency aids for companies had become significantly faster and more efficient with a strong digital administration. "Still absence of functioning register balancing, a federal economic number or a digital company account, with which companies can register for digital administrative services."

"Politicians must put the course as soon as possible and obstacles out of the way," says BDI-Prasident Siegfried Russwurm. This concerns any kind of administrative processes, of schools on the reporting system up to appointments and vaccines.

Disadvantages for the business location

Consistent eGovernment is a prerequisite for a competitive location in the 21. century. The increasing gap between public and private digital equipment becomes a serious site problem. Even for the employees in the public administration, this is an impertinence. The Federal Government should implement the planned online access law "absolutely complete and timely" until the end of 2022.

The law shall undertake the federal government, Landers and Municipalities according to the Ministry of the Interior to offer their administrative services via administrative portals by the end of 2022.

Speed and quality of the resist

Bitkom-Prasident Achim Berg, however, said the goal of offering all the management services of the federal, countries and municipalities to digitally up to 2022, highlighted in excessive, "we have to be faster and better."Berg continued:" Foundalism tells us to promote digitization in state and administration. Right now in the pandemic is in demand for speed and innovation spirit instead of consideration."It is a comprehensive mentality change quite necessary:" Spurriness and pragmatism must be the new maxims state action."

In the very dynamic economic world and in the increasingly global competition, the strong one location is not least at the speed and quality of authority and their procedures, so the BDI. "Multinational companies, and in particular middle-class family businesses suffer from increasing Burocratic requirements that bind personnel and financial capacity cost-intensive."

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