Deterrence and pravention

Canada’s computer companies want to punish the sending of viruses like a terrorist attack

With the people who write viruses and distribute them, much is going to take a lot, says the Information Technology Association of Canada (Itac), where 1300 Canadian software and hardware companies have joined together. Andre Gauthier, the chairman of the association, criticized that too many people were still programming and sending viruses to understand as a SPAB: "But send a virus, the same thing is how a terrorist attack on a company out."

Supposedly Canadian companies suffer an eligible loss of $ 100 million. As with so many data in the computer industry, this is only a treasure derived from the resulting loss of US companies in high a billion US dollars. However, how high the real damage is always his moges, so the association of the association in a letter to the Canadian Minister of Justice Anne McLellan a dramatic situation: "With the growing appearance and the increasing virulence of computer viruses such as Melissa, Chernobyl and the new Wormexplore virus, the IT industry is deeply concerned about civil, social and economic damage caused by computer criminality." Viruses were concerned all areas of society, increasingly smaller companies, scientists and students who are confronted with costs, high expenditure and a loss of productivity.

So far, a mibus of data after Canadian law can only be punished with a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Itac is much too little deterrent and therefore refers to the model USA, where computer crime is punished with a fine and / or a prison sentence of at least one year, but there is no upper limit for the punishment: "For example, the alleged broadening of Melissa expects prison sentence up to 40 years and a fine of $ 480000." But in the Canadian computer industry, not only for deterrence due to higher penalties, but also on pravention. Does anyone own the means to spread viruses, so he can not be sentenced. But as well as someone who "Only in possession of an instrument for unauthorized use of a computer" can be punished, should already the "Owning of virus instruments a crime" be. However, however, it is not described, which were such means or instruments, because actually a computer and a modem was sufficient, with each time everyone everyday.

Pravention is already required because many computer criminal cryptography is needed to hide your activities, which, of course, make your uncovery more difficult. And since viruses exceed the geographical and legal limits, an international coordination of the right and prosecution is mandatory. Criminals must be punished both there, where they live, as well as where they have caused their damage. No country thirst for "Safe haven" be for criminal activities, "which will be ‘exported to the whole world with the internet."

But the best of the entirely putting on deterrent association is at the slurry of the letter: "We are convincing that it is not only a favorable opportunity to strict in your own country against computer crime, but also to play an international lead in this newly emerging area of crime addiction." And the association offers the minister, like to take it to take this leading position.

So maybe after the race for the leading position in eCommerce begins a race in terms of deterrence? This loves the prisoners who are already overlapped in most countries, at least even better burden. And because viriesta and crackers are often not full-yearly, you should also lower the minimum age for full criminal liability for such offenses in favor of the enchanted cyberspace. Whether the computer criminals such as Kevin is then forbidden from fear or punishment even the use of a non-crosslinked computer or writing the adolescents to the resiscural anti-virus programs – which finally also proceeded in prison work in better revenue areas than with field work or the production of craft products – If you could then leave the public discussion.

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