“Demand each child individually… No…”

The election posters used by the parties in NRW show how art has lost to convey haunting embassies on posters

Posters are usually not consciously perceived. In particular, election posters are often on a lot of busy straws, are seen in passing and can therefore actually only convey simplest messages. This communicative principle in itself does not seem to be valid in the election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia. What leads to the messages wrong or not understood.

In her massive volume of the late 19th century, posters were a non-looking indication of the increasing spread of democratic civil society. It was created "public space", in which the ruling dismissal could counteract parts of the population, since he was in principle usable by anyone, be it from an artist, a for his business or just by the resulting political parties. Soon the potential of posters was recognized to be mass-psychological or mass-educational effective. This correlated with an increasing attention of visual communication, which was expected to be generally more resistant than the formation required word and font culture.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." The most famous spell of all credo picture worshipers did not form less than the wordworted Kurt Tucholsky 1926. Probably only one to the educational elite was so naive about the communicative effectiveness of images.

What is readable by this advertising message, if you drive past the car? Photo: Chr. Gap

Even according to their mass abuse for the dismissal of the burger in total alerts, especially in communism and National Socialism, posters continued to appear to the public appearance. The communicative principle, they should only transport simple messages, remains. Finally, posters are only seen in advance, today mostly in passing, seen and often perceived only subliminally. Complicated statements or fine prints have nothing to look for. This basic knowledge of posterable communication seems to be forgotten.

Go by. Photo (m):. Gap

What can be a motorist in the election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, from a poster of the FDP, which is currently set in bulk standards? The poster promotes for individual demand for schoolers and against the "Union school", which is symbolized by a half-rolled sardine dose. The main prayer is: "Demand each child individually". That "No to the Unit School" But is so printed that the "no" the "…to the unity school" overshoot. At the same time there are a yes and a no statement on the poster. Pre-programmed confusion. In passing, only remains "Demand each child individually… NO…". After all, the poster of the FDP is inexperienced, even if the party name is not visible.

At least in the quality of your election posters, CDU and FDP are already coalition. Photo: Chr. Gap

The posters of the wish coalition partner of the FDP are not more appropriate. "5 million. … Enough is enough, CDU" is there to read. "5 million.", It can only trade about the unemployed. Anyone who does not perceive the figure that probably thinks the CDU my, almost forty years SPD-guided state government is enough. At the next poster is suddenly "1 million. …". Well, since so many years the Sozis do not rule in Dusseldorf. Only more closely, in passing by, the confusion can unravel. 5 million are meant. Hours lesson failure and 1 million. Unemployed in NRW. Both are numbers, which are hardly believed most in this context. They are therefore not suitable for immediate communication. They pounds highest confusion.

Of course, there is still the election posters with the laughing faces of nice people (communicative keyword: "Image transfer") And the hedged, wrinkle faded politician portraits. In particular, the SPD likes to show her reigning Minister Prosident Peer Steinbruck, because the yes never for this position in NRW was available. Who knows how many electoral and whahr have no picture of him? The portrays are like the flowing band. No matter which party presents their candidates and candidates, it dominates the poster-engraver frontal portrate. Steinbruck’s complexion is also held in trendy, psychologizing turret-based pale-blue false colors.

The green advertises with ancient enemies. Jurgen Ruttgers looks past. Photo: Chr. Gap

Probably there has never been a time in which there were more graphic artists, media designers and communication experts than today. Together with the traditional awareness of the parties about and their requirement after communication, aptly, interesting poster communication should not only be possible, but actually self-resistant. Instead, it seems so that the parties of posters seem to keep nothing more than communication means. You will be set up purely ritually, maybe only to are the population in that it still has a share in the design of the public space. You could definitely doubt about that, because the political elites bind the "Morque burger" in the decision chains for complicated regulations does not matter. Just as young in the case of European emphasis. There was no alternative to her, so chancellor Schroder lapidar. Why should you also with the "Burgers" to discuss?

The art of producing communicative posters does not simply seem to have been lost due to the competition with other media, which perhaps more exciting communication means for media designers and parties. Even socialist propaganda traditions in which the successive party of the SED should not help, do not help. That is "Miserable… PDS", Connd to one of your posters. What is in the fine print "…"? Who wife, it may be advised. But that is simply "Too stupid… PDS". At least communicatively, the PDS has arrived in the West. At least that’s rearing.

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