Dear companies lock as children lock

Dear companies lock as children lock

Not as system relevant as the rust industry: children in kindergarten.Image: iris hamelmann via pixabay

The Corona crisis should help to better understand our monetary system: there is almost no limits of the financiousness

Beyond the prohibition of gross people’s accumulations, the Federal Government Corona strategy is based above all on the simple coating, exactly the areas of the company to shut down, which are not vital and causing a potential monetary costs. The manufacturing commerce (gross value choping 920 billion euros) is sacrosank – not even the system-relevance unavailable rust industry stands still (around 30 billion euros) 1; Almost everything is also in the service sector (two trillion euros); Only long parts of the hospitality industry (50 billion euros) – can be found here on since 336 – and trade of non-food, corpel-related services, parts of sport, tourism and leisure.

That in the economy, the allermn goes his usual gear, one recognizes at the gross domestic product decreased only by 5.0 percent in 2020, although the coronary restrictions in many pronouncements are held over many months. From the point of view of growth-oriented ocons, this strategy could be attested success (as a result of the financial crisis, GDP collapsed by 5.7 percent in 2009 – despite scrapping stamp.

To keep the store on the run, the state put on handsome fiscal programs. He paid short-time child allowance for up to six million people (a total of € 22 billion), thus preventing unemployment from approx. one million people and reached that the number of working around only 1.5 percent fell (s. 38, numbers of November 2020).

The state also increased investments (compared to 2019 by 12 billion euros) and paid to companies directly around 40 billion euros – despite legitimate criticism of the utilities. He awards "Fast-"Loans (many ten billion euros), credit guarantees (many hundred billion euros) and rescue packages (Lufthansa: seven billion euros); He supports families (child bonus: four billion euros), sets tax cuts (VAT.: 20 billion euros) and much more, but the state new debt 2020 was only four percent of gross domestic product (130 billion euros of 3.33 trillion euros).2

The figures illustrate that the state shows not only executive power during the crisis, but can also make fiscal. An important insight in times of neoliberal globalization.

In "normal" Times unfortunately undermines the public hand with threadbare or ideological arguments, such that debts (even at zero interest) must be as low as possible or may be able to ease many tasks to the markets. The state had much further opportunities to bring about a future-proof economy on the way or to produce social justice.

Also in the Corona crisis, he was able to organize a shutdown that is not aimed at economic optimization, but to minimize social and psychological damage. But we have to see through the role of our money system more accurately.

A society without money

Therefore, present yourself for a moment, the Corona virus bounds a sophisticated society in which there is no money, but our otherwise aligns. Banks do not exist, instead, people are considering one with the help of one "invisible hand" or one "Natural intelligence", Which staff where work in the investment goods or consumer industry or (public) provide services etc.. Because there is a mix of morality, trust and monitoring facilities, all people go into business without money and simply take the desired products.

That sounds utopian surprised brain for a monetary brain, but is an instructive mind game to understand the impact of our money system on the corona crisis.

If due to a pandemic, a state without a monetary system is forced to minimize the contact density between people and the social activities to the absolute minimum, then he will, of course, except food production, plus some other areas (processing and distribution D. Food u. For this necessary areas, basic infrastructures such as energy supply and health system and therefore related, important craftsman services u. Maintenance etc.To).

But for which he should maintain air traffic, vehicle, ship, aircraft production, construction, mobel production, or manufacture of most of the chemical products used herein, if it is only one or two-month shutdown?

Suppose 80 percent of the population sitting by Hernach at home, some of which some have the possibility to work via the Internet, and 20 percent must take care of the care of the population – how long is this condition maintained up? The answer is simple: as long as the (residential, traffic u. Other) Infrastructure will not be a period and people do not rebellize.

Thus, the working part of the taxation could sometime be asked if he is not treated unfair if he cares for a large number of non-working people over weeks and months. Since contacts have to be reduced only so far in order to decimate the virus possible quickly but quickly under possible avoidance of mental and social damage, our society can without money with largely closed industry contacts elsewhere and relate to primary schools.

It can at least allow some contacts that are of high importance for the social life of people (from smaller group meetings over some sporting events up to important celebrations, etc..) So that a human still infects less than one further and thus the virus was returned.

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