Dabbed is! Or no human right at party

Dipped! Or no human right at party

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From the can: Stricter Corona rules for all Bavaria; Contact bans and compaction of mask obligation in munchen; Soder acknowledges tendency to "Rum"

The Bavarian Cabinet today has advised today with the Vice-Prasident of the Robert Koch Institute via further restrictions and compensation in so-called Corona hotspots. The regulation threatened by Minister Prosident Soder yesterday was adjusted accordingly by the Cabinet. This was the "Can control" to a "Soll" favourited. For example, at a transcurrence of 50 new infections per 100 000 inhabitants in a region within seven days, a mask obligation to grab publicly burst.

Minister Prosident Soder, Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger (Free Wahler) and Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU) today informed a press conference today. "We do not want to lock, but steer", so soder. "The number of those who infect over the carelessness". Munchen, for example, stand on the threshold to a diffuse. Corona becomes increasingly a gross city problem. He made in society a total tendency to "Rumbarkittel in all possible".

In Munchen, in gastronomy and privately and private space tomorrow only funf people meet. The maximum number of participants for private celebrations will be greatly reduced. Alcohol bans will encircle, curling hours. At highly frequented public locations should prevail mask.

"Corona is becoming increasingly a gross city problem" (Mark Soder)

"We have laid down for a long time", So Oberburgermeister rider "whether we should arrange a mask obligation for the entire city area and have determined us still not to do, but right now to do it punctually." Reason for joy actually: When we are good, it will be for the time being No mask obligation for children in the game strain. We move away from the thirst and can, must, must, and punishments? Benes out of bids, illegal corona parties from normal celebrations?

The Munchner Merkur is guards today not to confuse the concept of personal responsibility "a human right at party". Like the fist on the eye, it fits that the compaction of the rules is precisely accurate after the weekend, at which Munchener hosts had called the Wirtshaus Wiesn. The weather was already, on the straws were good-humored people to see. Too many, too happy humans:

"In many bursts such as the Viktualienmarkt, people stood tight together and drank, many of them in costume", watched the Suddeutsche Zeitung, true to her new advertising slogan "Keep distance, we stay on it". Sodder complained about "unloading pictures."

That the 7-day incidence has risen in the state capital in the last few days, that can not be responsible for the celebration of the weekend, of course,. But they are the politics and certainly many burgers a mandrel in the eye. Lack of, because private celebrations are considered propagation risk. But it is relevant to adopt so strict contact bans again?

"Slide with shot in the fog"

At the Muncher evening newspaper, criticism of the new maws is moving today:

"One may with four specs to the tavernewies, another must reject the round. The new restrictions at the same time reveal the Willkur and the helplessness of those who adopt them. As if you were pushed with shot in the fog – in the hope, something will meet. The fatal to the Munchner mails: They attack the private of people again and call – as a thousand times during Lockdown happens – oh so worried neighbors on the plan that calls after the police when they call them next door "Corona Sunder" suspect."

That the current infection events in Germany is anything but dramatic, u.a. a contribution to the department of the Suddeutsche Zeitung of 19. Remove September. The author sees the "Time for confidence" came:

The intensive registry of the German Interdisciplinar Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine revealed for the end of this week that nearly 9,000 intensive care beds are currently free in Germany; Especially 246 Covid 19 patients are cared for intensive care at the moment. "I can hardly remember a Covid 19 patient in the intensive care unit, which seems to be months ago", says an experienced intensive physician. "Also on our internist normal station has occurred only a case in the past few weeks; But that was a random findings without lungs symptoms."


Speaking of 7-day incidence: When the news wiped out on Friday throughout Germany, that munchen with a number of 50.7 the limit "cracked" have, the value in truth was still below. Because the Robert-Koch Institut uses the data of the statistical national markers of 31 for the calculation of the incidences.12.2018. Since then, the city has almost 100.000 inhabitants more, which does not delay the calculation of the value undisputably. A corresponding note can also be found on the website of the city of Munchen. This should be used to use more current population numbers.

SPIEGEL ONLINE dedicated Munchens’s mobless values and the "Wild Wiesn Spare Parties" equal to several contributions. The connection between Corona and Wiesn is probably ensured for good access. That in one of the articles of "New diseases" The speech is instead of new infections – this is only inaccurate or aware of so as to increase the drama a little? However, it was allowed to talk around in the editors that the currently used PCR tests no statement can be appreciated by whether someone is ill and contagious.

But who wants to be petty, when it comes to the "Coarent hotspot of the Federal Republic" goes. Whether rider can really be suffering:

I urgently liked and soon to be the bigest hotspot of the Federal Republic, which concerns the Corona numbers.


A somewhat formulation that suggests that riders like to see another German Whether as a hotspot – Michael Muller maybe or Peter Cetscher?

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