Cryptovars: eu urges ability to determine

Cryptovars: EU urges ability to determine

Lorenz key machine. Image: matt Crypto / CC0

Always instead of police investigators on crypted data carrier, also covered communication can often not be deemed. Germany and France want the other

The European Union calls on investing digital communication in technologies to determine digital communication. In a suggested document of the Council Secretariat, it is said that the statements of the Member States should procure suitable software and hardware.

For this, the agencies had to work together with the private sector. More efforts should also be done in the field of research to find new methods for constitution. Until then, Member States should resume European Police Agency Europol, whose "European Cybercrime Center" (EC-3) one "Reproduction platform" ("DeCryption Platform") Offered to the forensic examination of crypted data.

The Council document lists various problems in digital investigation. Thus, the reproduction of complex crypts requires expensive technical tools, for example to crack the devices with so-called brute force attacks by using words of words or algorithms. However, the Council document also describes the limits of these methods, which require a high computing power for long passwords. Therefore, in some Member States, the investigating resistance is based on services of private companies, while other countries operate their own forensic institutes for this purpose.

It is easier to the document breaking down weak shutters or the guess simple password using market-to-use software. In some cases there are also evidence of the composition of a password, including fragments, keyboard layout or password. Particular attention should be on the patterns that use the suspects for other passwords. If these are known, the regulards of the Member States should be supported with the needed mutual information and to use the communication channels of Europol and Interpol.

German or French solution?

The reproduction of digital communications and data carriers has been high at the top of the Commission and the Council since last year. A few months ago, Europol had warned in his terrorism annual report that "the Islamic state and other terrorist groups" Dodge closed communication and use apps like Telegram. The Europol Annual Report on the Internet Criminalitat (IOCTA) published at the end of September also is dedicated to the "abuse" from trailing by criminal.

With the design of counterclaims, the "Network of justice keys and experts in the field of cybercriminalitat" (EJCN), which wants to cooperate closely with Europol and Eurojust, the agency for judicial cooperation,. To the debate, in Europol "Competence center" to set up for reproduction. Although no content was dismissed directly to Europol, the regulforms of the Member States were used to request the police agency for help with determining.

At EU level, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is pursuing the line successfully implemented in Germany, to properly use Trojans to view communication content before the interest. The crypt was not broken in this way, but made useless. These "German solution" is in contrast to the French proposal, which calls for the installation of backtime in interconnection software. The two governments had their contrain attitude in a letter to the Commission last summer. Since then, the German-French paper has been advised for operational cooperation in the field of internal security (COSI), in the committee of the Standers of Standers and in the Council for Justice and Home Affairs.

Cooperation with straightening manufacturers

For a long time it looked like the German proposal prevailed. In the youngest Council conclusions to the state of the "Strategy of internal security" However, is the speech for the first time "Role of trial in criminal investigation" to find an approach that has also worked with straightening manufacturers. The German attitude is considered in the paper. There is the formulation that requires breeze access to electronic evidence "Reasonable online examination powers".

On the next meeting of the Judicial and Interior Minister, the European Union wants conclusions against the "Challenges in relation to the abuse of services with end-to-end cap" saying goodbye. The Federal Government also performs a change of course. So far, Germany should "Clasp location Nr. 1" remain, in which, for example, companies can rely on a suspicious communication. With the German efforts in the EU Council work groups, the Federal Criminal Police Office and Europol will now become central actors to the entire European Union "ECULATION LOCATION NRA. 1" close.

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