Cruz wins at the first country code before trump

Clinton and Sanders almost okay

The first preliminary decision among the Republicans won yesterday of the Tea Party Texan Ted Cruz with just under 28 percent before the eccentric milled billion Donald Trump, which was only second with a good 24 percent. This was followed by a good 23 percent of Jeb Bush Zogling Marco Rubio and the Black Neurochurgung Ben Carson, who landed well nine percent. The Libertar influenced candidate Rand Paul became about four and a half percent fifter.

Cruz spoke of a victory of millions of Americans against one "Amooker of Deals from Washington". He had not only set in Iowa talking and television sports, but narrow networks to closed spiritual and religious organizations. Donald Trump congratulated Cruz meanwhile and remembered that the next week the next country code takes place. It will happen in the Republicans without the evangelical preacher Mike Huckabee, who after the announcement of the results from the race.

For the Democrats, the previous status of the payment according to the Ex-PrasidentGattin was just in front of the non-party Senator Bernie Sanders. Both candidates came to approximately 50 percent of the votes. For the third candidate Martin O’Malley hardly someone agreed. He led to his defeat the end of his campaign.

The caucuses in which these results were determined are a special form of the area code with personal prasence in schools, firewards and community centers. There are only ten US states and three territories. The word was borrowed the language of the Algonkin Indians – the rules are different. At the Caucuses of the Democratic Party Iowas, they were more complicated than the Republicans. While those paid out for only one informal vote, the Democrats presented preliminary tuning, which could be recruited for the supportors of superstructure candidates.

The preamections in Iowa are simultaneously important and unimportant: they are important because they are the first preamections in which spins can be set for further elections. Unimportant, because the fathered state with about three million inhabitants only brings only a relatively small number of delegates and in his electoral composition only conditionally adopted rich guidance.

Iowa. Map: Tubs. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

In the Republicans, Cruz from Iowa gets eight delegates – Trump receives seven, Rubio six. At the Democrats, Sanders and Clinton share the 46 electoral manners who gave it in Hawkeye State. Nevertheless, the former Foreign Minister currently has significantly more electoralists behind than their competitor: In addition to the delegates elected 3769 in the Caucuses and Primaries, there are still 713 super-delegated – officials and party functionaries in the Democratic Party Convention in July, from which so far 345 on Clinton, 13 have set on Sanders and three on O’Malley. At 352 democratic super delegates is not clear yet, for whom they vote.

On the 9th. February will take place for both parties to premises in the state of New Hampshire. There in the surveys with the Republicans Donald Trump, at the Democrats Bernie Sanders. However, a real preliminary decision is probably only falling on the 1. Marz, the "SUPER TUESDAY", at which is tuned in 12 states – including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusettes, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia, where it said so "open" Propose up elections. There, not only attracting a party, but also those of others can participate in the votes. Republicans can, for example, be true for a democratic candidate, to which they have fewer opportunities in the prassidal election.

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