Corona map: “emergency brake” and relaxation dispute with bund-lander round

Corona Map:'notbremse' und lockerungsstreit bei bund-lander-runde

Proposals of Union and SPD controversial. Left sugges suspension of notes and testimonies, union NGG feasible demand for minimum short-time money

Before the Bund-Lander consultations on the further procedure in the Corona crisis this Monday, the decision proposal of the government parties were known to several media. The talks could still go to Spat at night. First, there was talk of a relaxation of the contact description of the Easter, little later from the confident "Emergency brake", The latest infection numbers and increasing intensive care occupancy come to carry. Little communicated was a help for particularly hard affected industries and worked.

At easing for easing or falling incidence figures, the Deputy Government Spokeswoman Martina Fietz said on Monday at a press conference in Berlin before the start of the Bund-Lander Round of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Ministerial Presents. "In this situation we are not present." The infectious British virus variant is now the dominant in Germany, the intensive care occupancy has risen.

Which knew about Fiets "Emergency brake" Looks the jerk of openings when the number of new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days in a region or in a country at three consecutive days over the threshold of 100 rises. Nationwide, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), this seven-day incidence was 107.3 – and thus a little higher than the day before 103.9.

A decision-making of the Federal Chancellery, which was sent on Monday morning, provides for media reports a fundamental relocation of the "Lockdowns" Until 18. April. Nevertheless, there are considerations for loosened contact descriptions on Easter, which was allowed to be denied at the Bund-Lander meeting.

A household should therefore meet with up to four other persons, even if the limit of maximum five persons is exceeded. The news agency AFP as well as several local and regional newspapers quoted from the template that the countries for the time of 2. to 5. April 2021 "Meeting with four people beyond their own household reminiscent children together to 14 years from the closest family circle" be allowed.

The closest family circle would therefore pay spouses, life partners and partners of a non-marital community as well as relatives in straight line, siblings, sibling children and their respective budgetary. Such meetings should be possible to the design then, "If this means more than two housestands or funfs about 14 years". But this point should still be in square clamp, like others "controversial" Proposal too. The paper contains proper proposals and demands of Union and SPD page.

Emergency printing "unstable"

"Unfortunately, I already have the amption that this time the Federal Government will not initiate the steps that are actually necessary for the pandemics vaccine", In the early afternoon of the federal fuels of the opposition party, explained the Left, Jorg Schindler, at a press conference in Berlin. Still too little vaccinated and tested. He fired against this background "Offings of better knowledge" or with false priorities.

"We finally need air filters for the schools, nothing has been done here since last summer", said Schindler. In the absence of a normal school business, the emergency printing on Schuler is not even mediated. The politically responsible persons therefore had to think about suspension of notes and certificates. Lockdown Mabs, which hinder people at their professional expulsion, had to be picked socially sampled, stressed Schindler.

Gastronomy at the limit, busy part "In Nirwana disappeared"

The NGG trade union is against fast opening steps that human life were hazardous, but on the part of the governing parties, she sees little understanding of the difficult situation of 2.1 to 2.2 million employees, which were tatily until the Corona crisis in the catering area. About one million of them had been Prekar, has no claim to short-time-time allowance and appeared in no statistics, said the NGG business for the Berlin-Brandenburg region, Sebastian Riesner on Monday in conversation with Telepolis.

"Almost half of the staff has disappeared somewhere in Nirwana", So Giant. But also the workforce subject to social security contributions, which have been instructed so far on tips on tips, rich the short-time working allowance, said Riesner and credited the demand for a minimum short-time working allowance of 1.200 euros. In addition, trade union and operating rate had to be involved in negotiations on revolution steps to bring health protection and the preservation of workplaces under a hat. So far, politics have been too little dealt with the industry’s hygiene concepts, so Riesner.

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