Corona is the new coffee grounds

Corona is the new coffee grounds

Viral news from the HomeOffice

Media researchers delivers Corona reporting priceless material to collective opinion formation about an unknown facts. While Socrates could afford the knowledge to know that he knew nothing, the media representatives saw themselves committed to the spread of virus instructions. The half-life of journalistic opinion, which is driven through the village in herd strong, is remarkable.

Still in January – when in China had been detected the disaster – was a narrative, the virus was not worse than a common flu. Bayerische Rundfunk evaluated otherwise in a video as a panic. But then you saw yourself somehow that the video is greasing with the greeting, the video will be in social media "Right" spread, the facts have changed. Presumably, only their interpretation has changed ..

Then instead of providing the variety of opinions – actually the basis of existence of the public broadcasting – was extremely extremely and could Social Distancing Do not preach enough. North German broadcasts now explained opposite opinions on abstruses of conspiracy theories, mixed critics with esoteric vaccine gusts and even constructed anti-Semitic motives.

When an emeritized professor for microbiology, which was difficult to discredit in Persona, to other results when the journalists came and their own theses to the Kirchentur nailed, the second German television stigmatized this frevel as "Fake news".

However, little is the problem of evasive actions, which can be difficult to judge whether they understood more harm than benefits, such as shifting normal medical treatments, the problems when people are at home too long on the pells or the humanitarian catastrophe the people of the escape center Moria, which are now largely supervised themselves. This covers about the US boundaries, for example, leads to bottlenecks at blood plasma, as no Mexicans come to the blood more. For the aggregation of klingollen nothing has to be said.

But the political classification of the events also offers extensively opportunity for intellectual highest performance. The Texan vice-innerator Dan Patrick demanded that the economy must continue to continue, so large stars should sacrifice for the grandson.

"Hold My Beer" Donald Trumps said Biblischer consultant Ralph Drollinger / and explained the pandemic to God’s anger on China, homosexuals and environmental activists. And MR. President Donald Trump Himself, undoubtedly in full ownership of his spiritual force, thus racing such too high-form that some US broadcasting stations are no longer broadcasting him, so that one can correct his wisdoms before.

During the US politicians thus provide plenty of work samples of their can, Julian Reichelt’s funny picture newspaper preferred their enemies and threw the Russian decomposition propaganda. Eagerly one formed that finally the beginning of the penetration protection observed the nasty Russian transmitter – but such a false message was then even the preamble protection to Blod. That the Russians have sent the Italians ventilation gates and even the Cubans did not work, it will probably not be on the picture title.

In between, Reicheltets Bild-Zeitung charged the childlike chancellor short to strong man, so you need in Berlin. In fact, however, briefly had a long line, because instead of eating Ischgl under quarantane, they celebrated the party seriously and spreading the tourists all over the world.

As more reliable, the cabaret artists, such as the institution (from minute 8.50).

So we can do this better consistently with the facts and compare our situation with science fiction films. Excellent orientation offers this diagram.

The author of these lines claims no medical knowledge and had already decided to risk no treatment in times of scarce beds. He therefore practices consistently HomeOffice and Social Distancing and recommends as prophylaxis against Corona-bacon dancing intorials, such as one of the Black Eyed Peas.

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