Container storage: rancher labs makes longhorn generally available

Container Storage: Rancher Labs makes Longhorn generally available

Rancher Labs has announced the general availability of its cloud-native container storage system Longhorn. Thus, the Open Source platform is developers in the version 1 applicable as production.0 From now on available to provide in the container orchestration Kubernetes persistent memory for status-based applications. In conjunction with the Kubernetes Administration Platform Rancher, Longhorn, especially the Brucke between Cloud Storage and Local Storage Systems.

Longhorn overruns cloudy and local storage

Longhorn also offers a possibility to connect persistent storage in local, not in the cloud-hosted Kubernetes clusters. To do this, it is equally used on NFS, iSCSI and Fiber Channel Storage Arrays as well as Cloud Storage Systems. Users can also create distributed block storage resource and mirror them on local stores. With Longhorn 1.0 can be expanded to expand landscaped volumes and perform live upgrades.

In addition to basic features such as thin provisioning, snapshots, backup and restore hold the new release extended option for the disaster recovery (DR). Longhorn users can create cluster-umbrella-end DR-volumes with defined RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). For a comprehensive and comfortable operation, both its own user interface and the complete integration of the Kubernetes command line are available.

Container Storage: Rancher Labs makes Longhorn generally available

The dashboard in the Ui of Longhorn 1.0

Rancher Labs had started the project Longhorn 2017 and at the version 0.6.2 last autumn in the sandbox of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) overfight. As a result, Longhorn should be made access to testing a coarse number of users and developers. According to Rancher, thousands of users have since used Microservices for creating distributed block storage systems with Longhorn and thus contributed to the further development and stabilization of the project. More information about the published production tires version 1.0 of Longhorn can be found in the Rancher Blog.

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