Consumption planning

Consumption planning

Munchen, 10. Marz 2015 – The new, worldwide-valued test cycle "Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure" (WLTP) should remove the previous, much criticized "new European driving cycle" (NEFZ) from 2017. The approach of the planned conversion of consumption and exhaust gases for new vehicles is correct, but the practical implementation problematic, criticized the environmental association NABU and the Okological Traffic Club VCD currently the project. Because already, according to the critics, attempted manufacturers and federal government to soften the WLTP. In view of what is about the automotive industry at stake, everything else would also be an absolute sensation.

WLTP loosened?

"The rapid importation of a realistic test procedure from 2017 is urgently necessary, so that the tormented fuel savings also something on the strain arrives," says a NABU expert. The conversion thire but did not lead to the existing limit value for 2020 from 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The exhaust limit values should be adapted to a new, practical method after changing the test method. But according to the environmental association, this is exactly the sticking point: the automotive industry is therefore to weaken the converting factor in the state-of-the-art group of conversion factors through numerous constituents in their favor, thereby undermining the entire objective of the CO2 limit ordinance, "says the criticism.

The new WLTP values had to be "clean and transparently converted to the CO2 limit," now demands a VCD speaker. The differences between real consuming and information from the manufacturer is currently emphasized by the targeted exploitation of the loophulers at the tests. Decisive is that the new test method eliminates the weaknesses of the old measuring method. Probably does not even believe in environmentally friendly someone seriously.

The automakers defend themselves against a compaction of the CO2 limits by changing measurement methods. "When the CO2 target values were defined for 2021, we had the clear understanding that a possible changes in the test cycle could not lead to the compilation of these goals. This is not quite so clear at the moment, "said Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche Automotive week. Audi board Rupert Stadler UBT criticism: "We respect the 95 grams and work us at the framework conditions discussed at that time. It is not aimable to change these conditions to change now."

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