Connected view in the search for exhaust gas fraud?

The expert in the exhaust gas commission of Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), Georg Wachtmeister, has criticized the methods of the Federal Authority in the night tests of various automakers. They were too close to the manipulation method of Volkswagen.

The procedures with which the Office wanted to comment on 53 models of various branded events for exhaust values on the legibly, primarily wanted to search for detections in the engine control, the professor for internal combustion engines completed on Thursday in the Examination Committee of the Bundestag. "What got me: You had to think something further, you were not so in the direction of shutdown equipment".

Volkswagen had used a "Defeat Device" in diesel vehicles. Such a software in motor control and exhaust control system detects test runs on the prudent and reduces the outset about nitrogen oxides only completely – during the car on the strain significantly more pollutants emitted.

Spater also came to the discussion so-called shutdown devices. In contrast to manipulation of check quantities, these are also activated in normal operation, whereby the exhaust system, for example, only within certain temperature ranges is completed.

Before the announcement of the VW scandal, he did not belong from "Defeat Devices", said Wachtmeister. "That was new for me."When he had experienced by practices at Volkswagen, he thought," For God’s sake, what are they doing?"Experiments of the influence by automakers he has not turred at his work in the Investigation Commission.

With material of the DPA

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