Conditionally value stable

Conditionally value stable

Hamburg 8. July 2015 – Currently, battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids have neither a higher nor a lower loss of value than conventional vehicles. This is the result of an investigation by the portal As a benchmark, a Volkswagen Golf 1 served.2, one of the best-selling models in Germany. Whether this development will last to the future, however, is uncertain. And under certain conditions, vehicles with charging plugs are already very important today.

The database form the ads at mobile.DE and the respective new prices at the time of first end. A short explanation: the new prices are also from the database of the portal, where there is a category for new vehicles – this also includes day-to-day; The read values are therefore close to the actual handler realitat and no manufacturer list prices.

An arbitrary example of calculating the percentage loss: If a three year old vehicle this year in the Availation Month May 23.752 euros costs, this results in a source of origin from 38.071 euros a minus of 37.6 percent.

In the evaluation, the total low spread of battery electrical cars and plug-in hybrids was a basic problem. Certain now market-relevant types such as Volkswagen E-Golf or the BMW I3, for example, are not long enough for sale to generate a sufficient number of cases.

Output point stays as mentioned by the VW Golf in its standard version. After a year is 10.1 percent, after two years 14.9 percent and after three years 24.9 percent less value than at the beginning. Please remember.

World seller as a UR-meter

The above mentioned Nissan Leaf is an excellent-appropriate ur-meter for the battery electrical cars. He belongs to the same class as the Gulf, he has been on the market for about three years, and he is the world sales champion. No battery car was so often brought to the strain worldwide. Stand today: CIRCA 185.000 copies; Together with the group partner Renault you have the quarter million full.

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