Concealed operation of us agents in greath britain

According to the case of the case, it is discussed whether the British government knew about it and, as at the Expenditure Act, has undertaken the wunch of the US government

In no way forced or worked up, the practices of the American intelligence service CIA have so far, according to the voluntary of terrorism, suspended from the fleeing house abroad, to take, to carry out, indefinite indefinite and subject to "alternative hatching methods". European governments have also tolerated this practice of all human rights and the rule of law, or actively contributed to it by providing the CIA with information, stopped between aircraft with traversed, secret queues tolerated or actively participating in the arrest.

The European governments were gladly holding their entanglements in the dark and slowly forgotten. Deprude by examination excesses or investigations are just dragging or hindered. Presumably, in Germany and elsewhere, it was not allowed to all overcome, even though US Prasident Bush has now become a "lame duck".

In the Great Britain, however, a new incident reveals new attention to the topic. This time it is not about a Klammheim, but to concealed actions of American intelligence maintenance on British territory. A case became known by a report of the Daily Mail, in which agents of US homemade workers have tried, Nosratollah Tajik, a former Iranian ambassador to Jordan, who lives as a scientist and businessman for a few years in London, by a hidden determination to achieve. The 52-year-old was arrested by the Americans by the British police and recorded a week. Now he is released on deposit, has to report to the police during the period and waits for the decision to be delivered to the USA. Allegedly, this is the first case in which concealed operating agents are incorporated in the UK.

The American agents wanted to sell – actually a violation of US trade restrictions – Tajik’s treble telescopes for Iran. Tajik is evident overnight from the Americans to recruit Palasticians who are trained in Iran as a camphor. For this reason, the hidden action is associated with the fact that the Israeli militar during the Lebanon war a weapon camp of Hezbollah with British night vision guides discovered. The agents had arrange meetings with Tajik in various hotels that they moved secretly. Cleared is not yet whether the British authorities had knowledge of the hidden surgery, they approved them or approve that certain states secretly determine in the UK against suspicious. The question is also whether the US agents do not have british laws in their hidden surgery. The British police and the Ministry of the Interior have not commented on the case so far.

Whether the results achieved in the context of the concealed surgery by exchanging or provoked results were allowed to be recognized above British courts, the American delivery application will also play a role. In addition, the case has been reviewed by the case of unilateral delivery practice to the USA since 2003. In 2003, in 2003, under the sign of terrorist production and in the context of the European arrest warrant, a quick delivery, without having to negotiate the case in court and must be presented without evidence. The British government has stated the same possibility of the fast delivery of the fast delivery, but this is not the case. Only last week the British government had prevented two polls in parliament. A proposed legislative person had required by the US resistances in the context of a delivery search to provide evidence for a crime as it is otherwise. In addition, the proposal was truncated to remove the US from the countries in which a quick delivery can take place.

In addition to the opposition, burger rights organizations such as Liberty criticize the scheme which is one-sided the USA.

We already have a one-sided extradition arrangement that allows People to be bundled off to America without so much as a by-your-leave. NOW WE HAVE US Agents Operating in Britain Entrapping People Into Criminality in The First Place. The Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary MUST TELL US THE NATURE OF THESE AGENTS ‘OPERATIONS IN BRITAIN.

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty

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