Competition culture

Competition culture

Stuttgart, 6. June 2014 – Rushing Cheers for Christian Lautschlagner, the winner of the Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de France 1914: More than 300.000 spectators celebrate on 4. July 1914 in Lyon the German racer, who wins the most prestigious automotive competition of his time on the Mercedes Grand Prix race car and at the same time enters the first triple victory of Mercedes in a Grand Prix.

Less than four weeks before the outbreak of the First World War on the 28. July 1914, in this jubilation, once again reaches the peaceful competition culture of motorsport an international high point. This also describes the correspondent of the "general automobile newspaper" from Vienna in the ie of 11. July 1914: "In a very sporty spirit, the audience did not save the winner with the applause."

Christian Lautenschlager, Louis Wagner and Otto Salzer – in this order – on the 4. July 1914 on Mercedes Grand-Prix racing cars an external triple victory in the finish. Mercedes took the Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de France in 1914, the last race of world race in front of the Zasur of the War.

New construction with flight engines know-how

For the motors, the displacement is 3.5 liters in the Grand Prix de l’ACF 1914. In addition, the vehicle may weigh at the highest 1100 kilograms and must be filled with two persons, each weigh at least 60 kilograms. This requires a complete new construction.

The reduced displacement must be compensated by an increase in engine speeds to 3000 to 3500 / min. The engine structures under Paul Daimler decide for steel cylinders screwed into the cylinder head with washed-up water pants. The cylinder / cylinder head unit is screwed to the two-divided aluminum crankcase. They first put a four-valve head with V-form at an angle of 60 degrees hanging valves and an above-up camshaft at the DMG at the DMG.

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