Combating the internet criminalitat

Prasident Clinton has a high-level occupied working group to check "Illegal activities on the Internet" set up

The American Prasident Bill Clinton has set up a high-ranking working group under the direction of Janet Reno, which should deal with the dark sides of the Internet and law enforcement. It should work out a report whether the existing laws are sufficient to undergo internet criminalitat of the rightbread.

At the center of the report, problems such as the illegal sale of weapons, refuel, controlled substances and prescription drugs as well as fraud and child pornography are available on the Internet. Apparently a fear of how a government employee of the New York Times announced that internet laws, which treat each other part problems, could lead to an incoherent legal situation.

The Prasident allegedly wants to know where the real problems are stuck and whether one can cope with an extension of existing laws. The private sector should be largely regulated itself. On the other hand, is in demand, "in which new technical means, possibilities and legal powers are required for an effective examination and tracking of illegal acts in which the Internet is used."

These formulations stobers at burger lawlers on mistrust, especially since recently, the government’s plan became known to monitor computer networks with the system Fidnet. Also, the occupation of the working group suggests concerns, then Janet Reno or Louis Freeh always used for a restriction of the shutter. In addition to the FBI, among other things, the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Head of Drug Enforcement Administration are planned for the working group, including the Working Group, which. There are u.a. Still the Minister of Economics and Education, the chairman of the FTC and the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

The content of the report to be completed within 120 days will also be the opportunity to filter the contents of the Internet: "The potential of new or existing funds and possibilities to school parents, teachers and others in it to prevent or reduce risks from illegal acts, which are carried out with the help of the Internet."

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