Cointelpro 9-11

The search for the truth of the 11.9. In the mirror hall of disinformation and denunciation

Cointelpro was the name of a secret FBI program with the aim of undermining the Burger rights, student and war-opponent movements of the 1960s. Due to the media, recorded files and various examination methods in 1971 was partially entilled, but after the FBI had promised to do so, not to do again, never completely clarified.

However, we were known via 2.000 concealed operations that rendered infiltration and subcontracting over psychological war carrying with folded publications and discrediting up to direct violence, imprints and staged. Terrorist "White Hate"-Groups, such as the KukluxClan, were tolerated and demanded as long as they were against goals of "Cointelpro" as the "Black Panthers" pass. In a special media program running from 1956 to 1971, numerous journalists were also involved (one of the two Watergate enthesome – Carl Bernstein – named the number of journalists who worked directly or indirectly for the intelligence service to about 400. That the cointelpro methods with the emergence were incompatible and massively cleaved against laws was no obstacle reason for FBI chief Edgar Hoover: He saw in the

Denident social movements a danger for the "National security", The upright to receive each fund was right.

Robert Anton Wilson, author of the novel "Illuminatus" and the "Lexicons of persistence theories", made the first practical experiences with his topic in the anti-war movement and a coincelpro operation, the goal of which it was

…not only to hiking the peace groups, but also let them know. That should lead to the people of each other, because everyone for a government agent holds.(..) And actually, the collecting paranoia made it pretty much impossible then that we could continue to constructively combine in the peace movement. With this method, the government also went against the Black Panthers and other radical groups – and towards the end of the 60s I had then lived more or less at the thoughts that almost everyone with which I had worked politically was a government agent. Instead of becoming a paranoid, I found that rather pretty funny. John Adams, one of my favorites among the political philosophers, said once: "With really deep consideration of human history remains only crying or laugh – and I prefer laugh." So I think it too. The history of humanity is so terrible who takes that seriously, MUB will be swept – that’s why I try to stay laughing.

So it is recommended that with a good portion of Wilsischem Humor – more on his deminstingly appearing DVD "Maybe Logic" – and the certainty that the logic also "perhaps" Contains, the coarse hunger and sting to meet, which has broken out in the USA under the activists and authors of the 9-11 dissidence for a few months in the USA. Because even there almost everyone for a government agent and disorganization seems to be kept.

That in the debate about the truth of the 11.9. The question Lihop or Mihop – "Let It fuck on purpose" OR "Make it fucks…" – a kind of water sheath marks, as once between the "Fundi" and "Realo"-Purchisms at the Grununen, I had already mentioned in the contribution transatlantic 9/11-skesis, as well as the resignation (Welcome to the Buro of Donald Rumsfeld) that one of the speakers and sponsors of the 9/11 conference in Totonto at the end of May 2004, the "Relationship Guru" John Gray ("Manner are from Mars, women from Venus") A joint company (GenesisIntermedia Inc.) With the Arab billar, weapon slider and CIA frontman Adnan Kashoggi operation, whose share swing is now the subject of a court proceedings. Daniel Hopserker has further investigated the connections John Grays and in a three-piece reportage "Cointelpro 9/11" to stabed more strawing together, like that of the New Age Prediger Gray with the land of "Heaven’s gate"-Cults Marshall AppleWhite, whose 39 members in 1997 collectively "to a higher level" passed and suicide started (Beam Me Up).

The stately house in a rich suburb of San Diegos, in which this happened, was rented the UFO credans of an exile Iranian, Sam Koutchesfahani – a psychologist who sold a locker ring on this time and sold false student visas to mostly Arab-stem immigrants. He rejects dozens of college and universitarizers and was sentenced to preservation in 1998 for a year. However, the introductory practices in San Diego did not seem to be understood, because in September 2001, it became known that the suspected Hijacker Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar had lived there, with an emeritized professor and paid informants of the FBI, Abdussattar Shaikh. When the 9/11 examination has on the hospitable professor from San Diego, the FBI and Judiciary Ashcroft refused that their employee was precharged to a sworn statement.

It may be, Hopserker asks that this is about "protected network" act ? One on which not only unofficial employees are laughed into the country, but on the other side also the psychological war management, of disinformation and distraction, to Mind-Control experiments such as "Heaven’s gate". That the striker professor with the narrow relationships with the two "9-11 hijackers" was also associated with a pseudo-university, the John Gray owes its controversial doctoral degree, but can, of course, be another coincidence, as well as its business association with a mafiose figure like Kashoggi. But there could also be to think, such that such people in conferences and websites for 9-11-"Enlightenment" Invest only for one reason – so that this is possible for a long time possible vague.

This reproach is made by some pages also one of the leading 9-11 publicists, Mike Ruppert, which has been on his website from the Wilderness as well as in his recently published book since a year "Across the Rubicon" All questions of the 11.9. the general theme "Peak Oil" subordinate. That the end of the olzeimalter "The real story is the only one… and 9/11 its first visible manifestation" – Either way, the answers of the former police officer and drugfahnders ruplert rumps when asked to what extent the discussion about the global Olvorrade contributes to the declaration of 9/11 crimes.

His critics are throwing him with this apocalyptic scenario the agenda of the olindustry and the "New World Order" To fulfill because Ruppers the possibilities of alternative energies ignore and speak of the need for global population reduction. Rupper has just responded to this prematurity, but his replica suffers from it that he has each of his critics "Pseudo-journalism", "Unprofessional" or "stupidity" subordinate – and threatens with court laws. Also his long-term investigative colleague at the CIA / Drug Front Daniel Hopserker, who found out that Ruppert for the company "Pinnacle Quest International" Presentation stop, which stands under the suspicion with "Snowball"- and "Pyramids"-Systems to operate financial surplus.

In addition to the debate about the infallibility of the "Pontifikator" (Hopser) Mike Ruppert provide further conflicts in the 9/11 movement for unuctionlessness. It is all about the question of the Pentagon aircraft and around the "Pod", The bulge under the second WTC machine. For Mark Robinowitz is the websites and videos that the "Pod"-Theory of a rocket under the Boeing represented, all about dizziness pages that pursue deliberately or irrelevilibly the goal of discreditating the 9/11 movement. He demands all "serious" Pages on, from the Pentagon and pod-"Myth" dissect. Eric and Brian Salter hold such distancing after their analysis of the image material on questions questions.Net for premature, but notes that the poor resolution of the images simply no definitive decision of the question allocate and the hypothesis is abundantly illogical.

Since such debates will be continued to be inifinitum, in fact, the question arises as to whether it is deflection manobers – the hatcher of the punch of the pentagon impact for years distract from the actual search for the fans and back manners. Even if the picture material of the representatives of the "No plane in the Pentagon"-Hypothesis is quite convincing, there is no proof, but ultimately only further discussion fabric – but that leads to nothing, auber to the nearby Mihop short circuit: "Bush was it." The stupid is only that no court of the world can be convinced, not with the Pentagon pictures and not of the flashing of the "Pod heads". So why spend days, hours, weeks?

For the hard Mihop representatives, such questions are pure blasphemy: Who does not believe in the US government’s team, can only be a government agent who officials "Locking, bad luck and breakdown"-Theory supports and at best "Limited Hangout", A government compatible partial cover, ignited.

after the "Washington Post" In an article on 7.October the staff of the 9-11 examination commission (and co-author of Condy Rice) Philip Zelikov responded to the circulating conspiracy theories, gave his comment on the video Pentagon Strike further OL into the fire. Asked if there are still clear images to the Pentagon crash, Zelikov replied "no" – Although it is well known that the video recordings of a nearby hotel and a gas station from the FBI immediately after the act were confiscated and never published, and from the monitoring cameras of one of the best-minded buildings of the world only the slueful film of an undefinable explosion. At the same time, however, Zelikow says:

Our concern is that things will be infectious, as with John F. Kennedy murder. Then such things can be very decomposing for the public opinion. This can come to a point where the bacteria make the whole body ill.

On the worries of a senior spin doctor, who just with his lug for another "Bacterial thrust" has taken care of Nick Levis from the New York 911.truth.Org was answered in an open letter – and the "Washington Post" asked to finally ask the questions that the 9/11 report ignored, such as the collapse of the 47-aged building WTC 7, the advisory in the statements on the air defense of Faa and Norad, the meeting of the Pakistani intelligence service chief (and "Pay master" Mohamed Attas) on 11.9. in Washington. Also John Judge from the Initative "Citizenwatch" wrote to the WP and complains about how once again the supposed Pentagon rocket is used to the entire critique of "9/11-TRUTH MOVENTS" dubious. If this is the method, then Zelikov’s start-up production more "bacteria" Extensive sense, because it will continue to deflimate the pixel debates – and continue to allow the mainstream media to fabricate spaby articles about the swept conspiracy theorists.

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