Code monitoring: sentry provides more insight into api calls

Code Monitoring: Sentry provides more insight into API calls

Exposing Error Tracking, Sentry developers now also offers a tool for performance monitoring of their apps. According to the provider, the tool allows the client-side analysis of the performance of Python and JavaScript code based on real-time data. Based on the continuously follow-up apex (Application Performance Index) and throughput data, Performance provides the context for a commentary of the response times of an app or website on the user interaction.

Code Monitoring: Sentry provides more insight into API calls

Performance guarantees latencies and throughput

To get track of any power sensor – for example, in connection with slow-loading pages -, the tool provides a glimpse into the underlying API calls, their abscommers as well as database queries. In addition, as critical classified functions and calls can be subsequently prioritized as so-called Key Transactions. The notifications coupled thereto also have developers the possibility of alerting themselves when the self-defined threshold values.

Further information about Sentry’s Code Monitoring Tool Performance can be found in the blog post to its envision.

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