Coalition agree: festival protection should use federal trojan thirst

Coalition agree: Festival protection should use Federal Trojan thirst

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Justice Department have achieved a decisive compromise in the amount of dispute over a law on the harmonization of penal protection law. The Federal Office for Future Protection (BFV) is therefore to be given the power to use the Federal Trojan for Source Telecommunications Monitoring (TKU). The state protectioners were able to distribute communication via Messenger such as WhatsApp, signal or threema directly on a target system before they are valid for or after they are deemed.

"Ongoing interchange" supervised

With the Source TKU it is about the monitoring of an ongoing locked exchange. This is how the BFV should also be Internet calls or video conferencing via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom Abhren. Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer had first planned in his presentation draft of the previous year for the State Protections, a competence for even further secret online searches, which are seen as the IT systems as a whole. But here the SPD did not want to go.

Seehofer referred in conversation with the newspapers of the Fundra media group "very difficult negotiations" with the coalition partner. The Social Democrats are ready, "to give more powers to catch protection". But they wanted "Do not carry the online search of hard drives or computers", complains of the CSU politician. The Union has therefore determined to implement the implementation, "What is politically possible". So you will introduce the new penal protection law with the source TKU, but without online search in the Federal Cabinet.

Flebing boundaries when using the State Trojan

For both competencies, the resistance usually access to Stajan’s Backup, what they need to take advantage of security. Once the monitoring software is on a system, the boundaries between the measures are also lifting. Critics therefore warn on both beasts of massive dangers for general IT security.

It is unclear to what extent Seehofer could enforce with its remaining tarpaulins from the original design or what he can still achieve in the further procedure. Thus, first of the Federal Court of First Instance (BND) should "Technical means" against "German state-owned" or "in the federal territory persistent persons" bring in position and raise data from their IT systems, evaluate and use third parties including foreign places such as the NSA.

Minister of Justice: "mabful" Competence expansion

Furthermore, the Minister of Interior of Stationers and BND agents wanted to grant the license, for "Preparatory actions" to play the Federal Trojan on Private Endgerate secretly enter the apartment of a target person. Law scientists reject such a step as very deep into the fundamental rights of the affected mask.

From the Ministry of Justice conducted by Christine Lambrecht (SPD) was to horen, the internal vote is good. In the black-red coalition agreement you have agreed, the competences of catching protection "maid" extend and strongly to increase parliamentary control. Lambrecht Process Katarina Barley (SPD) had recovered the Seahofers initiative to be completely shocked as far across the target.

"Analogue" Powers in the "digital world"

The SPD interior politician Helge Lindh spoke against the ARD of a clever compromise, with which the BFV in the digital world does not threw anything, which is not permitted in the analogue. The chairman of the CDU / CSU faction in the interior committee, Armin Schuster, Moving that at the end the SPD party chairman Saskia escapes "Pure the brake" have. This explained, she was far from the only social democrat that rejects online searches. Schuster now hopes for compensation in the outstanding parliamentary procedure.

Much criticism – despite waiver on online search

The FDP indoor expert Konstantin Kuhle and the faction vice of the Grununen, Constantine of Notz, asked the catching conformity of the source TKU. Already when using state trojans in the police sector, central questions still not clarifies today and various strangular complaints. Kuhle underlined that the BFV need well trained professionals, which had a greeting for radicalization tendencies in society.

"The online search for catching protection had the editorial secrecy and thus one of the sucks of the press freedom in Germany", Konstated Christian Miter, business drivers of the media organization reporter without limits. "It’s good that the rough coalition waives this matte planes." However, the instrument State Trojan is generally tricky, so you’ll look closely there.

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